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Advice on Getting Pregant

HI there,

My husband and I just started trying to get pregnant.. I get fitulas and am on Imuran and Humira.. my doc says to keep taking humira while trying and even into my first trimester when we do get pregnant.. am nervous about it, but he said he doesn't want to risk me getting sick trying to get pregnant.
I haven't been taking pre-natal vitamins, no one told me that until reading this forum so maybe I should start.. any suggestions or stories of people trying while on medication, etc.??
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Lots of women take humira and imuran when pregnant and go on to have healthy babies. Start taking prenatals to build up your iron and folate reserves.

This is a really good video from the mayo clinic on pregnancy and crohns.


As soon as I wean off of prednisone, we will be trying to get pregnant again, and I plan to be on imuran for the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Its important to be the healthiest mom you can be. Flaring during pregnancy carries its own risks, especially in the 1st trimester.
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I got pregnant while on Remicade, Pentasa & Prednisone. Not ideal, but it's MY ideal healthwise. I'd definitely start prenatals asap too! Good luck!!
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