View Poll Results: What type of Crohns do you have?
Inflammatory 33 53.23%
Stricturing 9 14.52%
Fistulizing 13 20.97%
I have UC 1 1.61%
I dont know 6 9.68%
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What type of Crohns?

I found out this week there are different types of Crohns, not only in location within the GI tract but also in it's course or behaviour.

What type do you have? Stenosing/stricturing, Inflammatory or Perforating/fistulizing?

This website explains it quite well although I didnt know until my Gi told me.

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Sarah and Matt both have ileal Crohns of the fistulising variety.

Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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HI There , i have inflammatory crohn's disease. best wishes

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Mine is inflammatory and stricturing/narrowing
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mine is also inflammatory and strictures too
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Gwen pippy
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Didn't know there was different types but back when I was DX 25yrs ago we were told NOTHING and being 11 told even less. Think mines inflammatory. I just asked recently where mine is located and got the funnest of looks, depending on who I talk to it's either crohns of the TI or pancolitis. Think in my case ignorance is bliss, I'd have myself googled away trying to explain things hahaha
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I recently got the diagnosis of fistulizing CD and my doctor has recomended Remicade
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Inflammatory with abscess/fistula? I thought that Crohn's could cause any/all of these things and you just kind of have to hope you won't get the worst of it?
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i think you're right there Nic. i had all these things in almost 30 years of crohns. its pot luck isn't it?
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mines inflammatory and stricturing too
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Azathioprine 100mg
Steroids (pred) 30mg and tapering

Starting Humira!!

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Fistulizing for me.. I'm holy
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Inflammatory. Stricturing.
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Mine is fistulising too .
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Thanks for replying all, The results are interesting although don't correspond as well as I thought. Nic, yes I think you're right to a point, stricturing occurs after periods of chronic inflammation and healing cycles so I think that will affect most crohnies. But as I understand it fistulizing Crohns happens because the inflammation occurs on both sides of the bowel wall as opposed to just the inside wall in inflammatory Crohns. Knowing this now though actually helps me understand better why drug treatments vary so much between us.
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Inflammatory, stricturing and fistulizing.......yeah for me! They all suck;0
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