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My husband always seems to be Ill and can't work. Is this the crohns or depression. Diagnosed 7 months ago but living with for about 5 years now. He is currently undergoing remicade transfusions but they don't seem to be helping.
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That would be a very tough question to answer but I hope you are supporting him in every way. What are his ongoing symptoms that indicate Remi isn't working?
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HI Dgeller, Welcome to the forum . I have had crohn's now for 21 years and Bipolar disorder(manic depression)for 9 years.For your husband It could be a little of both if the remicade isn't working and his crohn's is kicking in then it could lead to depression. I am seeing a psychiatrist and i am on medications for my depression but, also my crohn's has flared up again. and that adds more pressure. i don't think my drugs for my crohn's is working either. Check with his GP about his depression and his GI specialist about the remicade not working. Maybe they can switch him to something else that may work for him and elevate his depression and his crohn's and he won't have to suffer in agony like he is doing right now. I deeply do know what he is going through and it's not a easy road to travel. but, this forum is very supportive and quite knowledgeable. so if you have any questions just fire away and i am sure the forum and i will respond to the best of our ability. best wishes.

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I have been a member for sometime but I dont know if I have ever actually responded to any posts before. My husband and youngest son both have Crohns. When my son became ill four years ago, my husband was yanked out of his 10 year remission and has been doing poorly ever since. Luckily, my son is responding to Remicade at the moment despite having most of his jejunum messed up from Crohns. My husband has also been diagnosed with bi polar disorder. The worst part is that my husband is the one that carries our medical insurance and some days or weeks or months he feels rotten both mentally and physically, and cannot make it to work. It is sooo hard because I am so afraid that he is going to lose his job (and the medical insurance that they both rely on). I am working full time to help, but I do not have access to family medical. I have been trying to find a different job to help out, but I am also the one who drives around taking them to doctor and hospital visits and such and I wonder if I am falling into a pit of depression myself. I know how important it is to be supportive of my husband, but I find myself struggling to do so sometimes...
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hello and welcome,

if his current treatment isn't working, he should go back to his GI and ask for something else. If the MD doesn't listen to his and your concerns, then find another GI who will take the time to evaluate your husband's symptoms, give him something to manage his pain, and find another treatment that will get his CD in remission.

You have that right to hire and fire a doctor who doesn't work with your husband to get a game plan to get him in remission. You also have that right for a 2nd opinion if you and your husband disagree with the GI's recommendations.

For his depression, ask his primary MD for suggestions on how to handle it while he's flaring. He can suggest an antidepressant or even talking to a counselor to help deal with his situation.

there is a Wiki section on this forum. Take a look at some of the articles and see if that can offer some insight. And yes, having a chronic illness can make anybody get depressed. That is normal. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You and your husband just need to have a doctor that will listen to get the symptoms under control.

Best of health to him and best wishes to you.

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