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Remicade and UC

My son has crohn's and has had a positive outcome from Humira,but his aunt has UC...she is currently on Remicade and is having all kinds of trouble.(She's also gone on and off it for various reasons). She also takes a lot of over the counter stuff like Imodium etc... What is a good med regimen for UC patients? Her doctor has told her that most of the meds are best suited for crohn's. He is now proposing she think about having her colon removed. She's 35 and was diagnosed when she was 20...she's never gotten it under control really. And she is confused why she has trouble losing weight...when most people fighting this are the opposite.

Thanks for any help. She's in panic mode right now.
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Everyone is different.

Remicade works well for me. Prednisone and Asacol HD also worked really well. That's as far as I've gone, though.

Good luck. I hope things improve.

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