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Still Alive!!!

I was missed Diagnosed at age 14 1980 with Severe Ulcerative Colitis, Treated for 11 years before being RE-Diagnosed with Severe Crohn's, During my first 11 years, I came close to losing my life twice, I had to have Blood Transfusions both times because of my White blood cell count being extremely low,, and I was life-less...
Back then, I thought my life was over I had already missed out my Teen years of growing up,,, that alone was had enough,,, having to KNOW where every restroom in the state of California was,,,, I had to use the restroom every 30 to 45 minutes,,, I felt pathetic... embarrassed... and I had Low self Esteem...

I thought my first 11 years were a struggle,,, LOL,,, I was 25 years old with a 1 year old child,,, when I was correctly Diagnosed,,, & boy did I think It was over then,,,, I didn't want to have any part of my Intestines removed,,, But,,, Surgery was my last option to stay alive,,, I couldn't allow my son to be with out a mom,,, so I agreed to have the surgery with the knowledge of the possibility of re-connection after a 2 year healing time!

Well 2 years passed,,, went in for the Re-connection,,, after surgery and coming to,,, I was Informed the Re-connection Failed,,, and they had to take more because the Crohn's was still active... and they had no choice but to take the Rectum too,,, Now I will never have the chance again to be Normal... This past March 2011 I Celebrated 19 YEARS, HAPPY, STRONG, CAREFREE, CROHN'S FREE,,,, and LIVING WITH A COLOSTOMY!!! Happy RE-Birthday to me!!!
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Thank you for sharing your story I wish you continued happiness and successes.
It's good to be back
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Wow! 19 years of being Crohn's free is certainly a success story and something to celebrate. Thanks for sharing!

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - July 2010
Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease Retracted - October 2011

I am still sick and so confused...
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wow congrats to you!!! i too was misdx when i was a kid, finally figured out it was crohns when i was 15. my doctor at the time thought i would not make it through the surgery to "cure" my UC (removal of my colon) i was in the hospital for 6 weeks on TPN trying to get strong enough for the sugery itself...but i too made it through!!
im so happy for you!! its great to read posts like yours!! and really what is "normal"!!!
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YAY JANA! I am so happy to read such a lovely story. Happy re-birthday, sweetie. I hope you continue to do so well. You give us all hope.

Dx'd with Psoriasis in 1993
Dx'd with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2004
Dx'd with Ulcerative Colitis on May 18, 2011

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