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Dark BMs

Anyone know what might cause a sudden darkening of BMs?

I've read that some foods, such as blueberries, can do this and I did have a blueberry yoghurt mid-week which is when it started.

I'm not getting any pains/cramps/urgency.

Thanks in advance.
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This might help a little.


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Hi Elsie, I hope it was just the blueberries! The 'colors of your stool' article was very helpful, and I just wanted to share a funny story - I went a little crazy on the beets the other day, and I peed and it was pink (which had me worried for a sec that I had blood in my pee, then I remembered - the beets!)... then, later, my BM was DARK purple, and the water in the toilet was vibrant purple! It was the most colorful poop I'd ever had. :P Hahahah.
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