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What Vitamins should I give her?

Hi all,

I haven't been on here for a while.....I have a little girl who has just turned 6, she is on sulph 3ml x 4 daily and just wondering if I should be giving her vitamins and what are the best ones? She is also on a gluten free diet and I find this has helped her a lot with the Crohn's but she still seems to have frequent chest and upper tract infections!

I hope everyone is keeping well and thank you in advance for any replies. Xx
I have a little girl diagnosed with Crohn's at 3 yrs, she is now 6

Sulfasalazine 3ml x 4 daily

Pred 25mg during flare ups
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i would give her flintstones multivitamins or gummie bear multi-vitamin. something simple because she's only 6. Does she have her blood work done routinely? Just to check where are her levels are at. best wishes.

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My son is 8 and has crohns, he is on salofalk and 1.3ml of 6mp for it. I give him the gummy bears vitamins too. xx
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I'm a little surprised her GI has not prescribed multi-vitamin as part of her treatment. We were told to give EJ vitamins from day one. He likes the gummie vitamins as well, but he will dig out his favorite flavors and leave the rest
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Hi, thank you for your replies. She does have regular blood test done but when I ask about vitamins he says that she's doing fine and has never prescribed anything. We are going back to see him next month and I will ask again but up until then I will give a children's multi vitamin. Her Crohn's is under control at the moment and this is because of the diet more than the sulph but she still seems to be ill all the time, last week she had to have steroids because the antibiotics couldn't get rid of her croup cough!
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Hi - our GI has us doing the multivitamin and also a calcium/d supplement. He says that's especially important for the time on steroids. Definitely worth asking about!


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While I would have her on the multivitamin, I would also not guess and request that:

1. Folic acid levels be monitored. Especially since it has been shown that Sulfasalazine can inhibit its absorption.

2. Vitamin B12 be monitored.

Heck, considering IBD is known to cause malabsorption across the spectrum, I'd probably be having everything from Vitamin A to Zinc monitored. Within about 7 days or so, I should have a rather lengthy information sheet about vitamin and mineral deficiency done. In my opinion, it's imperative that people with IBD educate themselves about potential deficiencies and their repurcussions.
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Thank you both for your replies, very helpful.

I have asked about calcium before and he said it was not needed as she is only on Steroids for a short period of time but I will ask again and raises my concern. I am going to telephone know and ask if they can bring forward our appointment as I don't want to wait another month before getting her vitamins defiency monitored.
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Hi Runninglady,

I'm not a parent, so sorry to butt in on this thread, but just wanted to say that Bassett do some nice flavoured chewy multi vitamins that are just like wine gums (i get these as I already feel I take too many tablets and wanted something nice...i get mine in raspberry flavour!)

Rachel x
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Thank you Rachel, my husband is going to Tesco's first thing in the morning to get some. Our little one also has autism and is EXTREMLY fussy but these might do the trick. X
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I just wanted to say 'Hi' as I also have a 6 year old with Crohn's. He was diagnosed when he was 5. I knew of Crohn's but never guessed little kids could get it, and certainly not my little boy!!

I hope you find some multivits that are yummy for your littl girl to take.

My little boy has a multi vitamin, a kids fish oil capsule and some kids probiotic powder in milk each day. I'm also thinking I should speak to my doctor to look at monitoring vitamin levels.

Take care of yourselves. How did your hubby go at Tescos?!

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Be sure to compare labels, many of the kid multivitamins don't have the trace minerals. sometimes the dosage is 2-4/day too. I have my 9-year old Crohn's son on Centrum kids chewables and he likes the taste despite being extremely picky. (search online for centrum). He's also on an Iron chewable, b-12 supplement, and Culturelle probiotic for kids. Never hurts to check with your doctor and/or nutritionist for suggestions too.


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