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I'm FREE!!!!!!!

I began posting on here last year, it has been a long journey which began long before i found this site! nearly four years ago whilst being 7 months pregnant I found I had UC. My diagnosis was a rollercoaster! an unbelieving gp who thought I had pregnancy problems and my 'IBS' playing up, to two weeks later being in hospital, barely concious, having 5 pints of blood and lots of medications that i did not know what i was getting. it was a hard time finding out I had this disease, not knowing what it was, also with the hormones with being all over the place. surgery was mentioned a few times and a few times I was almost being prepped for a c-section and surgery. I fought all the way! i'd never known anyone who had a bag, I thought it was rare, disgusting and not something that happened to a 'youngish' mum! I won the fight, after mlnths in hospital, baby came, had a beautiful baby girl! feeding her gave me 2 wonderful years of remmission, I'm still sure research should be done into hormones and the disease!!! I knew stopping feeding would have an effect but you have to do these things! so about a year and a half ago, I stopped and suddenly fell really ill again! on steroids for 123 months with them trying drug after drug! last december during a colonoscopy my consultant again mentioned the surgery saying they were seriously running out of options. i went away gave it thought, was stuborn! argued with my family who just wanted me back and if that meant a bag then fine. me on the other hand still wanted to fight! I met people with bags researched, spoke to people on here and other forums and facebook, and eventually thought maybe. Then with a meeting with my surgeon i was told do it now, or next month I'd be an emergency! not what you want to hear!! so I took the plunge! 2 weeks later i wass in! had it done laprascopically. I was only in hospital 3 days, I hate hospitals and hate being ill! That was back in may!! 6 weeks after surgery i was canoeing, swimming, camping, and hiking. i have my life back, my kids have there mum, my husband hasd his wife. I am happy! i love life again, no longer just existing and bein g on medicvations which are as bad as the disease! yes having a bag can be annoying sometimes and I wish i was normal, but how I was before the operation was not normal! squirt has given me my life back and i love him for it! so if you have been told you may need a stoma, it isn't as bad as you think and could actually be the best decision ever!!!!
Donna and squirt x

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So happy for you, I was in remission for 2 months this summer and it was great. Now back to er visits, doc apts. up the ying yang, infusuions and the worst of it all bed ridden because I am spent all the time. BUT here is the good thing I have hope because I know what helped me last time. SoI am staying positive and no longer beating myself up. So hey positive attitudes can heal! Way to go. YAHOO 4 U!!!
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I am so happy you are loving life again. Thanks for sharing!

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As a fellow female ileostomate for 25 years, I am so happy for you. I wish others who were facing ostomy surgery wouldn't look at it as a life sentence and wait until it was a life or death situation but really look into a support group, do the research, and meet others to see that it's not that bad. You really do get your life back and you are the same person as you were before, except that your plumbing has been rearranged.

Ileostomates can travel, go swimming, get married, go to school, climb mountains (we had an 86 yr. old member yrs. ago from our support group who loved mountain climbing and she wasn't going to let a little old bag stop her from reaching her dreams. her words exactly), dance professionally, body build, etc. We have nurses, an ex Buffalo Jills cheerleader, children, people from all walks of life attend our support group just because they want to educate themselves about diet, exercise, clothing, and even learn about sex w/an appliance. There are ostomy reps who attend our meetings to answer questions regarding their products, we have humorist consultants, sex therapists, dietitians, and even medical students and student nurses who attend to learn about who we are & what we do in the community.

Donna, you are a shining example of what an ostomate can accomplish by educating yourself. Knowledge is power. You GO GIRL!!

Welcome to the club!! ~Gutless Wonder Woman
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It's such a relief to hear stories like this. If the inevitable time comes, I'll gladly take it.

Thank you for sharing!
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Squirt!! Lol, what a brilliant name for a bag. All the very best to you x
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