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Strange Flare

Ok I started having a flare yesterday. The thing is the only change is I am bleeding. Still formed stools, no urgency, no extra BMs, no pain. All it is is blood. The last one was pretty bloody. I am not sure how concerned I should be. As I have no insurance currently I am hesitant to go to the doctor as I typically am in remission. (I was over seas for a while and now that I have returned I have been having trouble getting a job.) Anyway I have never had flares with only bleeding so I am curious what you guys think. Could it possibly not be UC related? Maybe a separate issue?
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I would go to a GI doctor ASAP! I ignored my blood in early February and tried to wait it out, and I had the worst flare that I ever had (in about 20 yrs. having UC). I am just now finally starting to feel better. I am not typically one who runs to the doctor, as I am usually in remission too. My UC usually resolves itself in about 2 months, but not this time. I wouldn't risk waiting. You could become anemic and it will probably progress to a point where you are much worse off than you are now. Please see a doctor. Blood is never a good sign.
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Yea I am gonna call in a couple of days depending what happens. I have observed something that I think it might not be UC related. It seems that the blood is not in the stool but separate. I was having a problem earlier with what I thought was an anal fissure. This bleeding occurred after I started a new exercise in the weight room. I want to test this theory a couple of days before I call the dr. as I am having no other symptoms and actually feed very good.
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Having IBD, I think we are more suseptable to fissures, hemmies etc than your average person. This has occassionaly been the reason for bleeding with me too. But good idea to get it checked out all the same.
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