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Who here is in remission completely and how long have you been in remission or who is on their way to remission? How did you get there? Surgery, meds, etc?

Myself, I took just about every med in the book and my stubborn disease didn't appreciate them. I finally got in remission three years ago by surgery and an ileostomy. No problems since. But the thing is, you never know when it will come back. My doctor always said that I have the most stubborn case of Crohn's he's ever seen.
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I would have to say that I'm in remission, going by what you say - sorry if I sound so blase about it, but remission isn't a term I've used to describe myself before! - and I have been since 1993, when I had my ileostomy done. I've only had one minor flare which required a short blast of prednisolone, and a couple of blood transfusions - other than that, no surgery and a period of yearly consultations with my doc, who is one of the best in the business.
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I guess I am in remission too. It has only been for 1 month so far (since I had surgery) but I am hoping that will continue for a much longer time.
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Tami Lynn
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I have been virtually symptom free (from CD) for the past 5-6 years. My doctors more than likely term this as "remission." However, I choose to believe that the symptoms of Crohn's will never return to torment me again, and that I have been completely healed of this awful and dreadful disease.

As a Christian, I believe in divine healing, and I give God all of the credit for the many symptom-free years I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy. It's more than just being symptom free though...

Allow me to explain: In 1993, I had my first bowel resection. At this time, the surgeon removed my ileocecal valve (along with about 15 inches of my small intestine).

I've been praying for years and believing God would heal me, I also asked Him to give me "new parts," so the doctors couldn't explain it away.

In 2002 (and after 2 more bowel resections), I had some standard tests performed. On both a small bowel follow-through and an abdominal/pelvic CT Scan I had done, the medical transcripts revealed that the radiologists who interpreted the tests saw and stated what they described as an "ileocecal valve re-implantation." Not only that, but several strictures which had previously been documented on several tests were nowhere to be found. None of my doctors can explain any of it logically, but I believe with all of my heart that it was nothing short of a miracle and answered prayer.

I still don't understand why it took nearly 20 years of waiting, lots of suffering, many prayers and tears before I actually saw it happen, but I assure you...I am not complaining (at least it did finally happen!). I don't understand LOTS of things, but I have faith!

NOW, I am battling Crohns in a different way. Many of you know that my daughter, Alyssa was diagnosed with it last summer! This disease totally sucks and watching her suffer with many of the all too familiar symptoms has almost been worse than when I was dealing with them myself!

Anywhooo... since my personal ordeal dealing with Crohns, and since I've been feeling better, I try to pay more attention to what I eat: make sure to get enough water, exercise, and supplement my diet with quality nutritional supplements to support my immune system and overall bowel health. I supplement with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and glyconutritionals.

This is my way of showing appreciation for my new found quality of life. I am so thankful for all of the good days I've been blessed with and don't take my health for granted anymore (especially when it comes to my tummy).

Additionally, I feel it is my responsibility and priviledge to try to encourage and inspire hope in others who are dealing with the same things I've dealt with or any chronic illnesses and to let them know that they should never live without or give up hope.

That's my story.

"The only thing worse than being diagnosed with Crohn's disease 25 years ago, was when my daughter got diagnosed with this dreaded disease 4 years ago and having to stand by and watch her suffer with the same things I've dealt with for most of my life and feeling so utterly helpless to do anything about it!"
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This is a great question becuase my doctor says that I am in a "remission stage". I guess since I only have to run to the bathroom a couple times a week rather than 15+ times a day that makes me in remission. I am feeling good these days and for me knowing that the doctor thinks I am in remission reassures me.

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I've been remissionless for almost 8 years now..
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Kossy said:
I've been remissionless for almost 8 years now..
Aww...they'll get you in remission soon! I still love you anyway!!!
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Jeff D.
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I am on my way to remission. I have no pain but still get a little constipated.


Good luck everyone
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Ok, I'm not in remission at the moment but I don't think I suffer from flare up much at all. It only hits me around Easter when I've got loads of university deadlines. But I stopped taking medication after my third course of steroids because the flare up kept returning after I'd stop them and I don't want to live on drugs. I heal and remain well through a regimented daily routine of yoga, aloe juice, probiotics, live yoghurt, totally organic and wholefood as well as chicken broth based soups (weekly). And I live a pretty normal life until that stress. I know doctors treat our illnesses as autoimmune diseases (our own body turning on itself) but I think our bodies do what they need to to repair themselves and the drugs inhibit this. So I live in a way that supports what my boy's is trying to do by providing it with the best tools to do it. Do I sound like a guru? Is this unrelated to your queries?
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im in remission from the meds the drs were amazed at how my flare reacted to the meds i have been off pred since march so thats when my dr classes you as being in remission. Hopefully i stay there for some time
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Im told I'm in remission. i dont have any blood anymore or mucus, just tummy pains and funny toilet habits. Im reducing the pentasa to hopefully come off it if my body will let me.

I also have the opposite problem from most and need to take fibregel to keep things moving
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I'd say i was in remmision since last March due to a re-section......

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a couple of months remission for me.. but only felt really really good last week, lol
Im on remicade and MTX, and that seems to do the trick for me.. took about 5 or 6 remicade infussion though to see any change, and 2 years of playing around with tons of meds.
good luck! I hope you can find yours.
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The doc says I am in remission now. I would say thats been the case for about the last few months. I am having my next remicade at half dose so we shall see what happens.

Personally I have to wonder what got me there. I have been on remicade for nearly four years but remarkably enough when I stopped smoking a few months back is when I started being more symptom free.

Makes ya think - kwim?

Remicade was definetly a fab drug regardless since it allowed me to live my life, work, be out of the house etc but symptoms were still there just reduced a bunch and could flare out of nowhere.
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The term remission is one that baffles me a bit. How do you define being in remission?

I think that I am in remission but then I can't be completely sure about that. I have suffered very little pain and little stomach issues so hopefully I can say that yes I am in remission and that the medication that I have been on for so many years has played a part in it!
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Since January 2004 I was in remission once for about 3 months thanks to medications. Surgery around here is out of the question for some reason. Then that remission ended around the end of December 2005 because I supposedly got a bad dose of Remicade, which caused me to flare. Nice considering the Remicade costs about $8000 for me! I had to go into the hospital for a bit, and have since weaned off the prednisone, and am starting to go into remission again, but it is a slowwwww process for me. Since I waited to long to get checked with the first flare, my rectum is shot and so is part of my descending colon, so frequent trips to the potty, diarhea, and accidents are common for me. My remission is less diarhea, the ability to hold it in, and about 5 trips a day to the potty. Can't wait!!

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DannyB said:
The term remission is one that baffles me a bit. How do you define being in remission?

Thats a hard one for me too. Other than my online friends and my husband I have told no one that I am supposed to be in remission. Its too vague a concept for me and also I am terrified that when I relapse I will have to go through all the crap of getting people to understand again.

So I am leaving them in the dark and being thankful for each day right now.

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