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Trying for a baby at sametime as starting remicade..

Afternoon all,

ive searched this and cant quite seem to put my finger on an answer, so here goes..

Im due to start remicade infusions in a couple of weeks, which is around the sametime that myself and partner have decided on trying for a child.

ive read the leaflets and booklets that my consultant has sent through the post, plus ive searched on the web, but my questions are:

1) will starting remicade reduce the chances of falling pregnant?
2) if we do fall pregnant, is there any history at all of remicade causing any kind of birth defects (basically - can it be damaging to mother and child?)

any help,as always, much appreciated.
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Remicade is pregnancy category B. Many women have healthy babies while on remicade. Its important to be as healthy as you can be when pregnant. Your GI doctor should be able to reassure you, and advise you on which medicines he wants you on while trying to concieve, and pregnant.

Many men father babies while on remicade with no issues. There are a few here that have.
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Definitely talk to your GI. This kind of a thing is decided on a case-by-case basis, weighing the potential risks for the baby from remicade (although there aren't really any proven risks) vs. the risks of not being treated. But if you need to be on remicade, you can usually stay on it throughout the first and second trimester, and then usually, from what I understand, you stop for the 3rd trimester since that's when the antibodies start crossing into the placenta.
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I took Humira throughout my entire pregnancy, even in the 3rd trimester. I had a very healthy baby girl. She's even now at almost 6 months she's as healthy as can be. (KNOCK ON WOOD!!) My doctors, OB and GI, thought the risks of going off my meds while pregnant would be way worse for me and baby. I hope this relieves some worries that you may have. I know I wasn't on Remicaid, but they're in the same family.
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Hi! I started Remicade at the beginning of May this year and conceived May 30th. I did a lot of reading and couldn't find anything that would indicate Remicade would make conception more difficult, while having an active flare did seem like it could affect things. From your handle, can I guess you're the prospective father? Good luck!!
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