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looking to gain weight but with little stress to stomach

hi all i am planning my tea tonight and would love to cook some nice chicken wings or drum sticks with a little smokey bbq sauce and some white rice,

what is best ways to cook chicken for my stomach?


1. i am lactose tolerant what can i have for substitutes if making a pizza for example?

2. how can i take my scandishakes if i cannot keep down milk or lacto free milk? soya milk i cannot stomach purely because of the horrible taste

thanks all
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HI Bboy, if your cooking chicken boil it first and take the skin off it and bbq it that way. it's little or no fat at all and it will only take minutes to do on the bbq. you wouldn't believe the fat that comes out of chicken, you will see if when you boil it. if i am not mistaken you can get lactose free milk at your local grocery store little bit more expensive but it is lactose free. you can also get nutritional drinks at your local drug store or GNC store you can get massxxx or protein powder that you mix with water. you can find this at your local GNC Store or Maybe local fitness store. That is what i use and it only takes minutes to make in a blender. I don't know if there is any substitues for making pizza without cheese. i guess you can just use the tomato sauce and put fresh veggies on it so it won't be bland. i hope this helps . best wishes.

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Try coconut milk. Its full of calories, and it tastes lovely in a shake. There is also almond milk and rice milk.

I wouldnt remove the skin off of chicken if you are looking to gain weight. I just brush a little mild BBQ sauce on and roast it in the oven at about 375F for about 40 min. We like drumsticks and thighs. I would not do fried chicken because fried foods can be hard on the stomach.

When I was dairy free, I would make cheeseless pizza and just drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top before baking in the oven. Top with whatever topping you can handle.
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hi thanks both of you for your comments

as much as i hate to admit it i love the chicken skin but it messes with my stomach so bad i cant take the risk ... but i probs would boil it or roast it i depend if i want a quick snack or full meal right

yeye i was thinking about trying the low fat cheese like you can have at subway etc

i never heard of coconut milk so what you use this as a substitute for cereal or just for drinks? what do you have in a shake with this?
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There should be alternative milks in the dairy isle of your grocery store.
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I would not bother taking any weight gainers from GNC or health food stores at the moment b/c they are usually filled with junks like sugar, artificial flavors, additives, etc.

There is one weight gainer with no MSG, sugar, additive, preservative added in the market called, Naturade's Weight Gainer. I have no issues with this one.

You should try to make a smoothie with ripe banana, orange juice(not from concentrate), avocado, honey, and home made yogurt(really packs on calories)

You should boil the chicken and make it into a soup with some other stuff added like mashed potatoes or rice to get some carbs.
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I put ripe avocado on everything when I was trying to gain my weight back.

SO DELICIOUS! And worked nicely. Good luck!

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Coconut milk is amazing is you sweeten it up a bit with sugar and cook white rice in it until the milk absorbs/ evaporates. A lot of Thai places also sell coconut rice, but it is nice to make it at home. You can usually get coconut milk in the Asian or International Foods section of the supermarket. If not, possibly canned veg.

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