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Pregnant on Methotrexate

I'm on horrible methortrexate & humria for Crohns and have just discovered I'm pregnant. I remember when I was first presecribed Meth that my specialist said that under no circumstances should I get pregnant. THhis certainly wasn't planned and I'd love another baby...I just wondered whether anyone has any experience of this?

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I have not had that experience because just before my worst of my illness, I got fixed, and he said good because having children on medicines are added fuel to an unhealthy baby, and I was not on any of the drugs you are on. Humira I heard is ok but the methotrexate is a not good idea. Just my thoughts. Congrats by the way!
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See a doctor ASAP, and stop taking the methotrexate if there is even the smallest chance you will keep this pregnancy. Its category X and can cause major birth defects. There is a good chance the pregnancy may not even survive. They use methotrexate to stop ectopic pregnancies from growing.

Good luck.
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I concurr with Lydia, there is no way to take mthx when you are pregnant. Go and see the doc.
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As Lydia said, mtx used to be used as an abortion pill because it stops cells from dividing right in their tracks. Call your doc asap about this!
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