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NameDr. Jeffery Sams
AddressColumbus, Ohio
 United States
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His staff is pretty unyeilding and when you call reguarding a concern(recently being black blood clots and a rather large amount of blood) they tell you basically that you've been around someone who as been sick or that I haven't taken my medicine.

Dr. Sams himself is very quick to jump on the remission train without really seeing if you are. He does seem concerned and willing to check you out if you state a concern but after a general checkup he goes right back to stating your in remission.

In all I find this doctor to be a little intimidating and his staff/receptionists to be very intimidating and a little rude. I feel if I call with what I consider to be a vaild concern my concern should carry some weight.

I wanted to do an update*
I still see Dr. Jeffery Sams and since I posted this he has been more proactive in my treatments. After our last visit together he decided to take a look at my entire file and reevaluated my condition. He did a sigmoidoscopy and found that I still had active disease. Then when I found myself in the ER he personally talked to me over the phone to see what happened. I still think he wants to jump to conclusions and he needs more "solid proof" that you aren't but once he has his proof he treats you more as a patient which needs as much attention as the next person. If you choose to see Dr. Sams do not sugarcoat anything to him. As for his staff, when you are there they are kind but they are still a little rude over the phone.

2 / 5 Bedside Manner
4 / 5 Knowledgeable
1 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
1 / 5 Ease of accessibility
Diagnosis: Confused officially diagnosed in 2010

Bloodwork is indeterminate IBD, biopsies are crohns positive, symptoms and visually it's UC

Current meds-
Prednisone, humira, 6mp, and lialda
awaiting surgical consult

Mom of Little Z
eosinophilic esophagitis 5/2015

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