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Hi all! New here... just started Cimzia

Hi everyone

My name is Maren, I turned 30 this year. I was diagnosed with Crohn's 3 weeks ago. I have actually been symptomatic for the last 4 years and in a severe flare for the last 2. My then doctor refused to see that it was Crohns and even after a colonoscopy and surgery, he said I just had severe IBS.

I finally saw a new GI specialist who suspected Crohn's immediately. Had another colonoscopy and endoscopy and found it in my rectal area, colon and upper GI. I also have it in my mouth - I get terrible mouth ulcerations.

Anyway, I started Cimzia yesterday. 400mg (two injections) every 2 weeks for the induction period and then will go to 400 every 4 weeks.

Wondering how you felt when you first took it? I took it yesterday at about 4pm and this morning I feel, well like crap! A mild headache, achy, some stomach pain, sore throat, sweaty but no fever. I also was super tired last night but couldn't sleep well at all.

I hope this only lasts a day or so after injection. If it gets me into remission I will take it!!
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Welcome to the forum it is good that you found a good Gi, because they are not all created equal, especially if they are young. We dont have Cimzia here but all the biologics take some time to work, hopefully you are not reacting to it, give it some time.
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I feel mildly flu-ish the day or two after my shots, too. I think that's pretty common. Good luck!
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I just started Cimzia last Friday. The evening of the shots and the day after I felt worse. I don't have the fluish symptoms anymore, but can't say that my Crohn's symptoms have gotten any better. I think I might have some extra energy, but not much.
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Thank you so much! I was hoping it was normal.

I am feeling better now, felt better as the day went on. Not much of an appetite though, but that is normal.

i haven't had any of my normal symptoms today but I had a bad few days prior and had to take imodium to get through the day so that is probably why.

Oh and of course I started my cycle today and not sure if it was the cimzia or what but I had horrible HORRIBLE cramps. I never cramp that bad.

i sure hope this brings me into remission.....
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Hi mnmaren! Glad you found the forum. I just started Cimzia a month ago and I'm taking my last set of induction injections next week. After the first two sets of injections I had headaches. They weren't nearly as bad after the second set of injections as they were after the first. Hang in there!

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