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MRI results skewed by meds?

Hi folks-
First time posting here! I just started to see a new GI who I like, but went from a "I'm 99% sure you have Crohn's" opinion during my first appointment to "If you even have Crohn's, it's mild" upon seeing results from the MRI enterography he ordered. (Sigh!)

I am on 4000mg/Pentasa and 9mg/Entocort (doc did say he wants me to stay on those for another month until my next appt with him). Does anyone know if being on those meds would make the MRI results seem fine since I generally feel better on these meds? I have been on Pentasa almost a year (tho a lower dosage until ~4 weeks ago) and Entocort about a month too.

I have really enjoyed reading your posts, so thanks!
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to the forum! We maybe crazy people at times but our community is caring and will come to your rescue when you need us. I have never had an MRI nor do I ever want to, too claustrophobic lol. Prednisone or steroids in some cases can mask or have a false negative but maybe the doctor was wrong.

Perhaps you could could tell us more from the beginning of your story and what your symptoms are/were. Pentasa reduces inflammation and is in the mild to Moderate category. You very well could have mild crohns and if that is the case you are one of the lucky ones. Glad you joined our community hope you get the answers you need/want. !
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Welcome!!! When I was practically dead last Nov/Dec the surgeon didnt want me on any steriods as she said they masked my symptoms. She was right.

I had a seriously perforated sigmoid, I was toxic and had to have emergency surgery.

Yes...they can mask your symptoms. But, they can also make you better!!!
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