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hanaa al baydany
capsule endoscopy

Hello every body.
Can any one tell me all steps and procedures before and after the capsule endoscopy? Is there any complaction?
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Wish I could help Hanaa. I haven't experienced that (yet). I understand that its a pretty simple process. Here's hoping someone with 1st hand experience will fill you in.. I'm very confident that you have nothing to fear regarding this process.

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You have to be careful if you have any narrowing or strictures, else the capsule will get stuck and may require surgery. My doctor told me I cannot have this capsule endoscopy because I have a very narrowed ileum....
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hanaa al baydany
Thank u .I will do barium first in London next monday.
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I just had one done. I have 4 strictures in the small bowel and the pill did not get stuck. The doctor even had me get an x-ray to make sure.

It's an amazing device about the size of a large multi-vitamin. One end has a flashing strobe that fires off at 2 per second. In the approx. 8hr. battery life it shoots 50,000 pictures.

I have a set of the pictures and they are very clear. Anyway, the pill along with the Prometheus blood test confirmed crohns...damn.

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