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Help after surgery


My husband just had surgery on Friday, October 7. He came home on the Tuesday the 12th.
I stayed home with him on the 12th and today, the 13th.
If anyone else has a loved one that had surgery, how long did you stay home with them? I know it will vary but I would like to hear any stories or advice.



Surgery on Oct 7.

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I just had surgery for an abdominal abscess but they found another hernia so that turned into a 3 hr. surgery. My husband stayed by my side the entire time until I could get up and do things for myself at home. He's always been my rock for the 14 yrs. we've been married. When I had my stroke 6 yrs. ago due to a 12" clot on my brain that almost killed me, he fired the neurologist when I couldn't, waited in the waiting room until visiting hours in the ICU resumed, made sure I had the necessary equipment at home, took over ALL of the duties at home until I could get my strength back, had his folks (THEY ARE THE BEST IN-LAWS EVER!!) drive me to my PT & OT appts. when he had to work as well as my MD appts., picked up my prescriptions, etc. In fact, seeing as I couldn't drive for a yr. he got me internet access so I could chat w/my friends and practice my typing/grammar skills, bought me a digital camera to take up a new hobby, and encouraged me every step of the way to never give up.

When I feel great, I take over the household chores so he doesn't have to do them. He works hard enough as it is.

There were times he has rushed me to the ER for bowel obstructions but I'd do my darndest to get better (I'm a fighter and I don't take crap from anybody) because my husband works 10 hr. days and does A LOT for me on days that I can't. I am truly blessed to have found someone so wonderful and so supportive.

Oh, and when we were dating, he attended the local CCFA and ostomy support group meetings I belong to just so he could educate himself in case anything happened to me and it came in handy when we were dating 3 months into our relationship. I had a bowel obstruction and he rushed me to the ER and stayed with me the entire time. My GI said it was a good thing because my small bowel would've perforated if he didn't bring me in on time. Luckily, all I needed was an NG tube, medication, some tests, and a few days stay to get better. Even though my mom said to me that he'd leave me for sure, he didn't. He loved me for me because I never revolved my life around my ostomy bag or illness. I always take one day at a time.
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My mom stayed with me for probably a week after surgery. I feel like I would have managed fine if I had been left alone for that time, but she definitely made it easier. The main thing is how tired you become. We went around and did a lot of errands and I was really, really tired. It may have been easier for me because I was relatively young (24) and my surgery was a right colectomy done laparoscopically with hand assist (a small open incision).

I was off of the pain meds a couple of days after getting home (he shouldn't drive until he can stop taking them).
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What surgery did he have? Was it open or laproscopic? When I had my surgery it was open and emergency. I had a colostomy, so woke up with a bag and huge incision to take care of. I also had complications while I was in the hospital (blood clots in my lungs, and a blood infection). So, when I was released after a month I stayed with my mom for 4 weeks. I could have gone home after about 3 weeks and survived on my own but it was nice being taken care of As mentioned above, it was the tiredness and weakness that was killer for me. The simplest of tasks really took it out of me. But, it was major surgery so I guess that makes sense.

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Both of my teenage children have had open resection surgery and I stayed home with them for 2 weeks after discharge from hospital.

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