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iron deficency

ive had crohns for around 6 months now and have struggled with getting iron into my body. most foods which contain alot of iron such as beef seem to cause me stomach pains a small amount of time after eating.

ive been prescribed around 3 different iron supplements which have all for some reason or another bunged me up, causing constipation and serious pains while eating food.

just wondering if anyone else out there has this problem or something similar and if so what would you reccomend?

hope you can help

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Iron supplements taken orally can cause that, or even more serious problems. I suggest talking to your doctor to see if there's another way to get your iron.

Red meat gives me energy, but it causes me too many problems to eat more than very rarely. Kidney beans are great sources of iron, but they're too gassy for me, and the skins of the beans are considered to have too much residue.. Perhaps try private messaging the GNC Crohns man to see if he has any ideas. It may take a balancing act to get the positive but yet overcome the negative side issues. Kale, spinach, boy how I miss em..

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I had this problem as well, and was on a bunch of different iron supplements too. Maybe you should try a natural form of iron... I don't remember what it was called, but it was in a brown bottle (like most natural supplements) and it was a more digestible form of iron. Maybe it was ferrous iron? I really don't remember... also make sure you are taking a Vitamin C supplement with it, because Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron. Much like Vitamin D helps Calcium absorption.

Hope that helps a bit!
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yeah rich in iron foods like the ones you listed cause me some trouble as well. ill try contacting the GNC crohns man now ta for the hint.

ive tried something called ferrous sulphate if thats what you mean by ferrous iron? result : bunged up! i didnt no that vitamin c helps absorb iron, i'll track some supplements with it in down and hope for the best

thanks alot!

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