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Is anyone on SSI disability

For Crohn's or related, I'm just curious and how that works
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hi shoeless. no, i'm not on any benefits for my condition. i presume SSI is similar to Disability Living Allowance which the uk has.

you've actually made me wonder if i would be eligible - it would be interesting to read if any of our members here do qualify for any benefit help in relation to their IBD conditions.
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Well, there are wide differences between countries, even states or provinces.

couple of points to consider first that are typically universal. Qualifying takes a considerable effort, perhaps even more so when the nature of IBD illnesses are taken into consideration. I've heard of folks who've gone that route, and eventually were given benefits. However, even that hurdles isnt the end of the story. Like, I know in my little corner of the world, those in charge of social benefits programs also periodically order reviews, up to and including investigations. When you consider it's public money, tax dollars at play here, i'm sure everyone will agree there have to be some safeguards. I know many folks who are legitimately ill see these as humiliating, depressing and whatever... Having to have their integrity checked, a strange doctor perhaps examining their case, or even them, all over again. going before a tribunal, or case worker.. Discussing medical history, disclosing banking or credit information, their income, resources, their family's income, etc,etc.. It's all rather unpleasant. But you need these. Why? simply because there are some folks who will do this, exploit the system, looking for a 'free ride'.

Anyway, even with a confirmed diagnosis, and a consensus from medicos that one is unable to earn a living, and the granting of benefits.. it doesn't stop there. As well as periodic review of your case, either by doctor, case worker, a board, whatever... the other tool most agencies employ at times are either their own internal investigative services, or private investigators.

So, you've fought the good fight, your doctor and the agency doctor state that you can't earn a living due to health, and you get your benefits. Then, at times when you least suspect it, you get a little remission, hit a plateau, or just have a good day. Decide to knock yourself out doing some work in the yard. all of it recorded, videotaped, turned over to the agency either for criminal prosecution or for rescinding of benefits, and usually penalties.
Now, you didn't defraud anybody.. you really are sick, just having a 'rare' good day. Problem is, that's not how someone on the outside will see it. I know this sounds extreme, improbable, something that just doesn't happen. Right? Wrong! I know several of the in-house investigator whose job it is to sniff out those who abuse the system. know they are kept busy. I also know several investigators who work the agencies overflow cases. I don't handle any myself, but I have seen the lines crossed in working other cases. believe me, it's all too real. So, if you have no choice other than to request assistance, just be forewarned that doing so exposes one to a life of living in a proverbial 'fishbowl'. As long as you recieve benefits, there is a 'real' possibility you are going to fall under intense scrutiny, and whatever your health status is at the time of the scrutiny, that's how it'll be perceived..

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I'm not on SSI but I am on short term disability through work. I can't really add more to what Kev said. Its been an utter nightmare and a pain in the ass (pardon the pun) but now that the $$ is flowing its been worth it since I can focus on my health. I can only assume unless they can't get you into remission then you could use SSI temporarily at least.
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I live in Canada, so I imagine things are quite a bit different. I've been on assistance for about a year. It wasn't much of a hassle to get it. I met with a case worker and had my doctor sign a form.

I have heard of people who have been watched and had it taken away. Which seems a bit silly to me. If I have a good day I like to take advantage of it and get things done that I need to get done. If someone was watching me in the fall they probably would have got the wrong impression when I had to get the firewood ready for the winter. I pushed myself and got stuff done, then spent the better part of a week in the hospital.

I really don't want to be on assistance, though. I'd much rather be self-sufficient, but it certainly helps when I'm trying to gain my footing.
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I live in Canada.. I recently worked a case, involving insurance fraud. during the course of the investigation, it became apparent that the individual was also involved in welfare fraud, and in the illegal sale of prescription drugs. the reports were filed, and with the signed agreement of the client, copies were sent to the chief investigator for the welfare agency (and old friend of mine) and to the narcotics squad. it happens more often than not. The outcome? individual is now under investigation by the police, by welfare... and worst of all... by revenuer's. those are the really nasty guys, believe me

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