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Dr. Manton is a very knowledgable doctor who comes off very caring. When he told me that he was going to pull all my records to make sure that there weren't any tests that needed to be skipped and make sure that tests weren't duplicated, I was so relieved. I went around in circles for 5 months before I could get past step 1. It was refreshing to find a doctor who was going to help me. He is a very kind, caring man, and patients love when their doctors care. However, kindness doesn't always do the trick. Emergency room after emergency room, doctor after doctor, medicine after medicine, and you tend to get frustrated. So before I state what I am about to, I want to let people know that I probably have not been the easiest patient to deal with because of my frustrations.

He was extremely thorough with my colonoscopy and endoscopy, making sure he covered every possibility that I am aware of anyway based on what little I know about the digestive system... After getting my diagnosis, the nurse called me to let me know and my check up was scheduled. I was so excited at this point that someone could actually help me.. Well, I never really got any help after that initial diagnosis.

I continue to have blood in my stool, i continue to have abdominal pain along with pains in various other areas throughout my body. I have diarrhea and constipation on and off and on and off. That has not changed since day one. I continued to have low grade fevers and contractions causing blood to come out from my bladder. Being newly diagnosed, of course I am freaking out.. I don't want to fall asleep and something rupture or something. He put me on apriso which by the way did not work at all. My hair kept falling out, my face kept breaking out, and I still had blood in my stool. Everytime I called to ask a question, the nurse would call me back and say it is urinary, or it is not crohns or it is not related to GI.

In my research I found that crohn's can cause low grade fevers, so how can she tell me they are not related to crohns? If I had this many urinary problems, then why did they not try to suggest a urologist or something? My mother had to call her urologist to get me in, using my ER visits as a referral. I kept feeling all this back pain and I was told, it is because it takes the apriso 3 months to get in your system. I am sorry, but when I was put on the medicine, I was told that it should take 30 days and if I don't feel any better to call back. I did call back, and was told that it wasn't the meds because it wasn't the crohns. When I asked to change the medicine I was told that there was no reason to.

So as time went on, i just dealt with the bleeding, accepted the fevers, and accepted that I was never going to get any better. My mom did not accept this, so after 5 days straight of not only having blood in my stool and filling the toilet, but leaking blood, she made me call and demand to see the doctor. I felt so bad by this point, that I couldn't even drive myself because I was so dizzy and dead. A short time before that I had a CT scan that said I had varicosity in my uterus a long with distention and something about the bladder wall, and inflammation in my colon. I got in with the nurse practitioner, who pretty much said that it was my uterus and not GI related, and that I was anxious and depressed and that was why I felt so tired, dizzy and had blackouts. She said that she had no clue where the fevers came from and since it was not 101 degrees that it was not relevant. She had my mom convinced that I needed to be admitted to a psychiatric home because it was all in my head. She left out the part that said my colon was inflamed as well. I knew what the CT scan said because they did not order it and the only reason they had it was because I bring all my records to all my doctors so they all know what is going on. Then she preceded to give me an anatomy lesson and tell me that it was all urinary again. I felt so insulted. I am 27 years old, I have had a child, a period, I have urinated and had many bowel movements in those years. She pretty much dismissed me and when my mom saw how agitated I was getting, she requested a B12 test and a blood test for infection. The nurse practitioner was not happy about this and was not nice in giving me the information. When my mom asked if they did the blood work there, she said, "Uh no, you have do it at the hospital", very hatefully.

Well the next week, I saw Dr. Manton who told me that my B12 was 210 with the average being 247-911. So not only was it low, but it was really low. I have been asking for two months for that test and it took my mother asking for the test for me to get it. He also said that because I was not feeling well still he was going to put me on steroids. Instead of giving me a temporary prescription or something for the B12, he instead told me to call my PCP. My aunt is a CRNA and can administer the shot, if he would just write the prescription. I called my PCP who couldn't get me in until the next week. So for 3 weeks, I have had a result that said my B12 was low and a problem, and I couldn't get any help. If they were going to do that, they should have called me with the results and faxed them to my PCP. My PCP told me to bring the results with me. Well he didn't give them to me, so I asked the office to fax them. The nurse in Dr Manton's office told me twice that she did, and when I finally made it for my much needed shot, it turns out that they never faxed the results not once. Thank goodness that my PCP is part of memorial hospital as well, or I would have had to retake the test and wait even longer.

In the mean time of getting that test, I had to see my OBGYN for the CT scan results of course, who in turn saw how awful I looked. I was in tears of hopelessness, pain, and despair from not being able to function by this point. He jumped right on that as he always does. Low B12, Crohn's, bloody stools, malnuritied, rapid weight loss (like 30 pounds in a month), history of gallbladder issues in the family, right pain in the rib cage area and abdomen. He said it can't be the uterus doing all of this Because he actually looked at it when he did my first surgery that saw the GI problem and that he has seen 10 times worse with no pain. So of course I believe him because he has tested and seen the issue. So he scheduled a few more tests, Lupus, a total blood count, HIDA scan and an intravaginal ultrasound. The HIDA scan from my symptoms and problems with the history made sense a long time ago. That test did come back abnormal. Why my GI doctor kept dismissing me and did not feel the need to test this with my symptoms and history I do not know, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because I mostly had to deal with the nurse and nurse practitioner.

My OB wanted me to get advice from the GI since it was more in his area. So I called immediately Because even with the B12 shots, I felt like death. The nurse returned my phone call, and I asked if I should fax it or just bring it when I came for my visit in 2 weeks... She said, knowing the results to just bring it. That was not good enough for me because Dr Manton asked me to have the results faxed when I was in his office prior to that. So I went ahead and faxed them, and of course I got no call from the office. By 10/30 4 days after I faxed the results and 5 after I called, I was in so much pain that when I dropped in for my B12 shot at my PCP the nurse changed my visit to a doctor visit, got me right back, and I was in the surgeons office within the next hour. I had my gallbladder out on Halloween. Outside of the surgery pain, I feel totally great. No more fever, no more dizziness, no vision loss, and tons of energy. In that surgery, it was noted that my colon is still twice the size that it should be and stated that it had to be the main source of my pain.

Both doctors who have done surgery on me, from what they see, say it is GI. The only who used a scope (his nurse anyway) says it is not. I took myself off the apriso, I am still taking the steriods, but I am now on 13 different meds, which i think is ridiculous, and the apriso wasn't doing anything at all.. so why take it? When I asked about, Dr. Manton told me that it was a maintenance drug that I needed to keep taking. A maintenance drug? What are you maintaining; my inflamed colon? THey never got the problem resolved to begin with, but act like they do. He also stated, "You have a mild case of colitis and possibly a mild case of crohns". Well I was told I had crohn's, I got a letter from the office that said I have crohn's, you put me on meds for crohn's, and finally the labs results said I have crohn's.. So why would you use possibly? So I called the nurse because I wanted to make sure I was informed correctly based off what he said, and she got an attitude with me, saying "Well everything I have says you have crohn's so I don't know why you would think differently" When I told her about the word possibly; she said, "Oh well I didn't get that from your voicemail" If you actually listened you would have heard it.

Dr. Manton is a good doctor I believe, but his staff needs some serious work. A doctor can only be as good as their staff because those are who your patients deal with mostly. THey all smile and are real welcoming in the office, but not helpful, and very hateful if you question them. I have a write to question because they are not resolving the problem they found, nor trying to, and I have get other doctors to run tests and treat what they should be doing. This is a really long review I know, but I felt like I needed to tell the story. So really the issue is not with Dr. Manton the rating is not based off Dr. Manton, but the nurse and nurse practitioner need to be educated in that office, or ask the doctor when a patient calls with a real issue instead of spitting off some b.s that it is not helpful and does not get you anywhere. I do have urology problems but the biggest issue was not urology, it was and is gasterology. After knowing test results, they let me suffer and wait instead of some temporary something until I can get in with my PCP.. THe least they could have done was fax the results. After my B12 results and HIDA scan, they let me sit and suffer. I have a life and a job, and when you know there is a problem, please do something anything about it instead of making me sit on it. I have a fear of loosing my job because of the missed work from doctors visits and feeling like complete crap all the time. I still have an inflamed colon, still have blood in my stool, and I am not going to quote right now on the abdomen pain because I just had surgery so of course I have it.

I am an easy going, trusting person, who is a push over, but I had enough in this instance. Everytime I called with a problem, I was told, it is a Flare Up, well you tell me every month I have a flare up.. When have I had a flare down? They never fixed resolved or helped me, but treat me as if I am delusional and that they did treat me. However, as of 4 days ago, with my diagnosis back in July, my colon is still inflamed and my stool is still bloody...

I do not recommend anybody going here unless the way they do business is changed. In fact, I am looking for a new GI doctor, and will go to my visit next week, but I will not be scheduling a follow up. I need to find a new doctor first. In order to do that, once again, I have to get a referral and all my records from all these doctors sent to this new GI as if I have the time right now. I really just want to say forget it, I will live with the inflamed colon, pain and bloody stools and call it a day!

5 / 5 Bedside Manner
5 / 5 Knowledgeable
1 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
1 / 5 Ease of accessibility

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