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A little message for Jeff

Hey everyone,

I just gotta type this, hope nobody minds,

The first day I joined this forum, there were a few people on this site already that I won't be forgetting in a hurry. Our Number 1 Administrator Mike for starters, and everybodies favourite Aunt Ree Ree were two people to reply to my story first.

Next up was Jeff. Now, I remember Jeffs first email to me - it turns out that we have the same taste in music (we both LOVE Oasis). Jeffs email to me that day sounded like that of a guy who was short on confidence, a young man who had been up against it etc. When I initially read his post about Depression and Anxiety I coulda wept for him.

I see the same thread now and I've read some of his responses - and it just seems now he's a different guy. Obviously I dunno how his illness is going, but the way he responds, he now sounds like a guy who knows that there are people out there that care about him. He just sounds happier, maybe more carefree, I dunno - all I wanna say here is that Jeff buddy, I was worried about you when you first joined (hell I worry about everyone!), but you seem to have come on a great deal since you joined this board. I hope that's the case pal, and listen - get yourself over to Scotland, cos we've got some good bands this summer ok??
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Awww thats the sweetest thing to say for jeff mozam and i second it!!!!! its nice to see a guy being open with how he feels and that goes for both of you

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Jeff D.
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Thanks so much Mozam. That almost made me cry when I read it which is pretty hard to do. So thanks

With a tear in his eye Jeff is hopefully going to sleep

Thanks again

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Sleep well my man - that goes for everyone by the way. xxx
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You're sweeties, both of you!
Cheers from Australia

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Awww....see what happens when you find people who can sympathize with your every day life! So sweet!!
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you are all amazing. That was a great post.

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