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wheat free

Does anyone follow a wheat free (not necessarily gluten-free) diet? Some of my friends without Crohn's eliminate wheat and feel it helps digestion and other concerns. I avoid eggs, peanuts, and fatty foods, but didn't find that dairy made any difference. I'm interested in trying some supplements like fish oil and vitamins to avoid immune-supressing drugs (currently on Entocort-weaning off, and Pentasa and have had about a 50% improvement).
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I've been on the SCD diet for 1.5 months now and it makes a difference. Google it if you are interested in diets that eliminate wheat.

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I've read about the SCD but it seems so restrictive, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't follow it faithfully. Do you think it is the carbohydrates that triger instead of specifically wheat or grains?
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To be honest I couldn not tell you because when i started the diet i cut both out at the same time. I will tell you this though removing refined sugars helped a lot. It is a restrictive diet but like anything after a while you get used to it and it gets easier after that.
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I was kind of inspired by the SCD and made up my own version. I don't eat any grains or dairy or raw nuts. I try to avoid sugar if I can help it.

I started when I was in the middle of a flare and it halted the downward spiral (didn't fix it though). And I've made it the full period between Remicade infusions for the first time.

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