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crohn's and work?

hey everyone,

just after some other opinions really regarding my situation.

I work for a building controls company (dealing with heating, ventilation and air con etc) and as you can probably gather I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's.

Now I am currently being treated with:

9mg Budesonide,
2g Pentasa Daily
and codeine phos for D and pain.

I just want to see if anyone else is having trouble working? My previous role was building site based but due to the dreadful toilets and hygiene etc I have been taken into the office to work.

Now my problem is

1. getting to the office

and number 2. When I do get there I am so exhausted and in pain i cant do anything apart from go to the loo when I am there (eventually when I get there lol)

Now i am facing potential unemployment thanks to this god awful illness and i just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same situation? cos I am worried sick about this as Im only 21 LOL.

Many Thanks

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aarond, you're not alone. Many of us here have faced job loss, change in occupation, reduction of hours, etc.

I don't know how long you've had Crohn's. But sometimes it takes awhile to find a diet and medicinal regiment that helps keep things in control enough to function in a job depending on how severe it is. When the disease is really kicking, though, there's not much you can do but rest, take your medicine, try to eat wise, and pray for the best.

I hope you can get some treatment that helps you to keep working.
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If your current treatment isnt working for you, then talk to your GI doctor. I don't know how long ago you were diagnosed, but it sounds like you are on maintenance drugs without being in remission and that you should be on something stronger with that kind of pain (this is all assuming its been at least 1-2 months since you started treatment). It is good to hear that your company has been working with you thus far and stress to them that you are working on getting this under control. When you talk to your doctor, make sure they know the importance of getting this under control quickly because without insurance many of the treatments are too expensive and it sounds like you might need to take the next step if you are on codeine.
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saidinstouch - thanks for your thoughts.

I have just recently been diagnosed but have been suffering for approx 18months now, I am definitely not in remission so what drugs are maintenance drugs?

I have spoken to my GI doc and he wants me to give the treatment 1 more month to see if it works then he may (hopefully) famous last words!! go back down the prednisolone route. I have tried various concoctions of imodium, co-phenotrope but codeine is the only one that works for me, is this a bad thing?

also what is the next step?

sorry for all the questions but as all you crohns veterans can gather im fairly new to the situation lol.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Aaron,

I feel for you, I'm in a similar situation. Have a job I enjoy surveying drainage systems. Problem is, I haven't been able to work since before diagnosis last March. My company has kept my job open so far but, looks like I may have to change jobs anyway due to the fact, working with waste water could cause me more problems now.

Infliximab has helped me stay off the Pred but I'm so tired all of the time I can hardley leave the house let alone work.

I'd love to go back to my job but, I can't see it happening. Probably have to look elsewhere when I feel well enough to start work again.
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We've all experienced difficulty getting places because we're stopping at every bathroom on the way.
The only thing that helped me was to ensure that I didn't eat that morning. Once you get near a toilet at work I say go for what works for you. This didn't mean that I didn't stop at all but it meant less.
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Some here use imodium, but many report it can increase pain (as it dehydrates GI tract). for those w/o IBD, it's an effective treatment of temporary bouts of diarhea, but I think the drug manufacturer advises against long term repeated use of same. I had to change careers... I survived it. Found work that I could do. Hey, you are young... you have your whole life ahead of you, plenty of job opportunity for young fellow like yourself... Perhaps even re-train for something... you know, one of those online education places... Get yourself a nice laptop computer, take your courses online, from the privacy of your 'loo' :-)

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