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Crohn`s and fathering

I`m Kevin and I`m new here. I was diagnosed with crohn`s colitis since August 2005. I have been through hard times cause of this disease but luckily nowadays I`m feeling a lot better. I have been just married this last December. My wife and I would like to have a baby. There is one problem though: I`m having azathioprine medicine and as I searched out through the intenet and consulted with my doctor I found out that there is a greater risk of birth defects because of this medicine. Did anybody go through something similar? Kindly can anybody who had children after being diagnosed with IBD give me some feedback please?

Thanks very much in advance
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Hi, Kevin.. Welcome to the forum... from one Kevin to another. As for azathioprine, (AKA Imuran) I don't know what effects it has on a developing fetus (think there's a few members on here who've researched various meds and fetal development)
BUT my doc advised me that precautions were advised to prevent pregnancy while on it... So, even tho just the papa is taking the drug, apparently it can effect fetal development. Since my reproductive days are behind me, I didn't pay too much attention to it... I don't know the numbers, the respective risks, the effects it may have on a baby... Just know that my GI 'warned' me about it
(so it isn't just an urban myth floating about the ether). Talk to your GI about it in detail... There may be alternatives, even short term ones you can take for a while while conceiving... then return to your normal regimen once baby is on the way...

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I've been told that Imuran (azathioprine) takes about 60-90 days to take effect. You may want to research how long it takes to "wear-off."

Good luck with your future family!
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thanks very much for your posts friends. My doctor told me to make a sperm test but he told me not to stop the medication.he told me that risks are even present in normal people so I don`t have to worry that much. I am waiting the sperm results to get them verified by him. I will post the outcome. thanks again guys.

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Hi Kevin. I'm getting married this summer too, and I'm also on azathioprine, so I'm very interested in what the tests and the doctor tell you. Good Luck...
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My understanding is that, even when not attempting to conceive, anyone engaging in sex while taking Imuran/Azathioprine needs to practice safe sex...
There is a risk to one's partner associated with this drug... according to my GI.
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Hi kevin..... i was on imuran for 3 or 4 years when my partner and i had our daughter.... i was initially concerned when we first discovered the pregnancy but my gi assured me that since she had conceived there would be no problem... in other words ... the problem would have been with trying to conceive while taking the drug.... maybe it mould have been different if i was on a higher dose... i was on 75mg at the time ..... in any event she was born 7 years ago and she is a perfect normal healthy and beautifull girl..... this is just my experience but i wish u all the very best in your family.....
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Hi Kevin, I was on Azathioprine 4 years ago and was advised by my GI that its safer to stop using it whilst pregnant as it can cause defects to the foetus. I stopped it and had a healthy baby girl, then started taking it again after the birth. Things may have changed now though, 4 years is a long time in medical science....

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Well, conception aside, my lengthy discussions regarding this drug was that it can pass from partner to partner... IF one isn't engaging in safe sex practices. Thing of it is, folks being administered the drug by a doctor ARE monitored via bloodwork to see/guard against the possible serious effects of that drug. People exposed to it indirectly thru sexual contact AREN'T being monitored... That's why one should only practice safe sex while taking it... its not just that one needs to be careful to avoid pregnancy while taking it. It goes deeper than that... Think we (as a society) are becoming more aware, even wary, of how a drug CAN accumulate within us... frinstance antibiotics getting into the food chain from wastewater run off... who would have thought of that 5 years ago. It is also my understanding this applies to other drugs... metho for instance. Pretty scary!!
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Hi guys,
finally I had the result. My gp told me that everything seems normal. No abnormalities were found. I`m still taking the imuran tablets. My wife just got pregnant so I hope everything will be ok.

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wow! brilliant news congrats to you and your wife, & i hope everything goes smoothly for all 3 of you
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Thank you very much friends.Wish you all the best. May God be with you.

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