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Colonoscopy prep - not so bad!

Usuallly, for me, drinking the prep for the colonoscopy is the worst part of it.
-The first time it was yucky yucky salty fleet phospho-soda mixed with any clear liquid. It was so gag-a-licious.

-The second time, it was four pills of some sort, then tons of salty go-lytely solution with "flavor" option. Double gag.

-This time, I had to take 2 tiny Dulcolax pills with water, then 2 more 2 hours later. Then I had to mix some powdered Miralax into Gatorade, and drink 32 ounces at night, and 32 ounces in the morning. The GOOD news - it didn't change the taste of the Gatorade!! It was a teeny bit thicker than usual, but barely noticable. I don't particularly like the taste of Gatorade, but it wasn't salty - so I handled it! 32 ounces sounds like a lot, but just pour it out 3 times, and add ice. Not bad!

The only bad thing was that it took a long time to kick in. I drank it at 5 pm , and I got up most of the night, with the worst (explosive) part at 3 am. If my toilet was 2 feet further away, I would've had a big clean up....

Happy drinking!!
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Yeah, I don't understand why they must all taste so horrible - there has to be a better way.
On the plus side the last time I was allowed to take 2 fleet phosphosoda instead of citromag + 1 fleet, not as much to drink but the salty oil is nasty.

I did find the best way to take the fleet was this:
1) Drink disgusting stuff
2) Rinse out mouth with a tasty drink (I used orange gatorade)
3) Spit it out
4) Drink some more gatorate/drink
5) Repeat until gone

Still horrible, but nowhere near as bad as trying to down the bottle in one go.
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It wasn't so much the taste for me.... more the nasty oily feeling going down my throat.... yuck.

But it does taste nasty... I liken it to drinking a big glass of sweat.... not that I've ever done that before... but EWW. Anything I drank with my prep was ruined... I didn't ever want to drink sprite EVER again.
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I haven't tried the drinks you mention as over here in the UK, we use Kleenprep, but thats equally disgusting!!!

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The trouble with me is that the prep has the totally opposite effect with me and I end up being cinstipated and I tell them this everytime.
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Wow! I wonder what in its chemical make-up does that to you. Love the avatar, btw.

I have had experiences similar to the prior posts....Nasty stuff!

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