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Marathon running

I have run in marathons for the last 4 years. In 3 weeks time I am running in the Dublkin City marathon 2011.
I have decided not to stop my training since been diagnoised with CD. My meds have recently been changes. They were making my joints very sore. Imuron been the biggest culprit. I am now on only 8 Pentasa a day and have lost that soreness in my joints which was really affecting my running.
Anybody else out there running marathons with CD...and most importantly and hints??/
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I love running! I used to run 8 miles (about 13 km) a morning through my mountain trails. My trails are steep and on the edges of cliffs, so when I started getting vertigo, I had to give up the trails. I really miss it.

I really want to get back into it. I would love some tips, too.

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I did a half marathon with Team Challenge in Miami in January 2008, I began training in October 2007, this after crohns related surgery in September 2007! The whole experience was simply out of this world, and crossing the finish line was filled with emotions that I've never experienced before. At this writing I'm no longer symptom free, but I'm looking forward to another marathon soon!

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When I began traing for this marathon last May, I was already running to the toilet quite a bit but had not been diagnosed then. I was on course to better my time for last years marathon which was 3h 51m. I am 47, so I am very happy with the time but know I am better then that. Since I started I have run faster each year...and I especially want this year to be my fastest.
I finished a half marathon 5 weeks a go in 1h 47m and that was with the sore joints and all.
I take Glucosamine & Chondroitin tab X 1 a day, which I think helps.. I think for a while back there my brain was assuming that I would not continue training and therefore would not run this marathon....but my brain got it wrong. My body was listening to my brain and was beginning to get sore all over. Last week I finished my long run of 20 miles (32K) and my brain and body now realize I am still serious..
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Since I was diagnosed in mid Sept I have started training for a half marathon in Vegas December 4th.

When I first started running my knees both really hurt, had IT band issues. So I started riding my bike between 10-20 miles 5 days a week to build up my knee strength. I also just started taking a protein/carb weight gain supplement last week.

The supplement seems to be working well, my muscles are recovering much faster. Also I am not having any problems with digesting the supplement.

This past weekend was the first time I ran in a couple weeks and my knees both felt great. So I would recommend low impact training, I.E. biking, swimming, if you have joint problems.

I also feel a lot better on days I work out, the symptoms are must less severe.
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good luck I had a friend who was supposed to be doing that marathon but unfortunately had to pull out due to a knee injury. I admire anyone who can run those distances I can't physically or psychologically get past 3 miles but i'm not built to run!! my only advice is try to do some non weight bearing fitness training i'e swimming and cycling to keep your fitness up but take the impact off the joints with running. Swimming is so good for the lungs also. Get some maintenance physio to loosen up the joints and stretch you out will help minimise the pain. Have fun and keep us posted

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