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Is anyone taking 6Mp (6- mercaptopurine).
If so any info much appreicated.
Sam x
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Jeff D.
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Yes I take 6mp. It took a while for it to start working but so far it has been great, I have felt so much better ever since I have started taking 6mp a year and a half ago. I do have problems with getting tired very easily during the day.

I hope it works for you, good luck

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I have been on 6mp for about a year and so far the only prob i have is i get abit sicker easier so i suggest you take a good multi vitamin. The only other problem i have had which they arnt sure if its the comeing off the pred thst did it or the the 6mp is the fact that i have really dry skin like really dry skin on my face and it get inflamed. Other wise i havent noticed it doing anything for me or against me.
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i took 6-mp for a week and had to stop... a couple days after i started it all my muscles tightened up and i was in a lot of pain... good luck to you...
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Waiting for Imuran to kick in!!! Its been 2 months
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I was just recently told by my GI that Imuran converts to 6mp in the body. It is just less expensive than the 6mp and has more side effects.

I have been on Imuran since January and still waiting for it to kick in. I am really getting fed up with the fatigue and nausea that comes with it. I honestly don't see any results. And because I am heavy, they doubled the normal dose and just recently sent me for blood work to see the levels in my body. They are high. Go figure.

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I recently got to the theraputic level and mmm I feel good, haha *knock on wood*. Eww yesterday I was stranded at the airport and some little kid coughed on the back of my head! The mom didn't say a frigging thing and my mom blew a gasket! She was like, "How can you let your child cough on people?! My daughter is on immunosuppressant drugs she can't sit near inconsiderate people hacking on her head!". I would have just farted on her or something
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I took it for about 2 months, it suppressed my bone marrow enough that I had to be isolated in the hospital WITH me and everyoen else wearing masks at the same time....pretty horrible. I ended up getting daily and weekly shots to raise my bloods levels and counts.
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I've been on 6MP, along with some other meds, for the past 2 1/2 years. It worked for quite some time, though I have been in a pretty bad flare for the past four months and may be trying Remicade as a result. I did have a few reactions when I first started it, though. Went through the bone marrow suppression and became severely anemic with pneumonia, all in the same couple of weeks! Spent a week and a half in the hospital recovering, but since then, not too many problems. Some low grade nausea, fatigue, and of course, the risk of getting sick or infection is higher than for most. You need to be careful about getting rid of germs, but other than that, it's not too bad.

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