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Can one Pharmacy's LDN be more effective than the other?

Hi guys,

I've been on and off on LDN and after reading myriad of research articles on how LDN can be used as one of the preventative medicine for developing cancer, I had made up my mind and I've decided to stay on it as long as I can obtain a script for from my GI.

Anyways, I used to get LDN from Irmat's Pharmacy in NY b/c I live in NY.

When I was on LDN from Irmat's, I wasn't really experiencing any vivid dreams. (took the lactose filler for 2 refills and acidophilus 1 refill, and I'm not lactose intolerant)

Someone had told me that one of the best ways of knowing that whether LDN is working or not is by having the "vivid dreams".

I got another refill script for LDN and ordered one from Skip's pharmacy in FL with Avicel filler. I started it 2 days ago at 2.25mg and last night, I had the most incredible vivid dream.

It wasn't a good dream but I thought this may be because of the Skip's pharmacy's LDN might be superior to the one from Irmat's?

I spoke with Dr. Skip, he takes LDN himself and also said that the vivid dream explains that LDN is kicking in.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

edit: or is it the filler???
21, Long Island, NY
Been on a lot of meds with only short term success
Have added drastic measures to cope with symptoms.

Suffered from severe narrowing of the ileum and ascending colon in the past years. And unknown left-sided colitis for the last 2 years. Severe Crohn's.

Previous on: Pentasa, Asacol, Colazal, Canasa, Prednisone, Remicade, Azathioprine, 6mp, Entocort, Humira

Current meds: LDN(2.25mg) w/ Beck's Protocol, DMSO
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D Bergy
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It shouldn't make any difference, but I always encourage people to use one of the pharmacies approved on the LDN web-site.

If it was not often compounded wrong, they would not have bothered to list the more reliable pharmacies.

I only had the vivid dreams for about two weeks after starting LDN. Not sure why you are getting them now, but it certainly is possible your original script was not compounded properly.

By the way, what is Beck's protocol?

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.
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Yes, both of them are LDN site recommended and Irmat pharmacy is what Dr. Bihari used to recommend patients to get LDN before he passed away.

I'm starting to think that it has to be the filler. Skip's pharmacy has more patients who are on LDN with pretty high success and this filler is what he recommended as the best if not allergic to micro cellulose. And almost all OTC vitamin pills contain cellulose so it shouldn't be a problem.

The Beck's protocol is kind of a long story to explain.

I spoke with several people who are on this protocol and have cured themselves from Crohn's, Lyme, CFS, EBV, etc.

Beck's protocol's testimonials have been shut down by the FDA but it works.

They had mycoplasma and MAP in their system and I confirmed that I have MAP too after doing a specialized lab testing done with Great Smokies lab.

My regular immunologist couldn't even detect that I had MAP.

Beck's protocol is expensive and I'm not advocating that you try but it works for me.

It's composed of
1. Blood electrification
2. Magnetic pulsing
3. Drinking home made Colloidal Silver
4. Drinking Ozonated water

You should google and youtube Beck's protocol. It's not quack science or scam. And OTC colloidal silver never works for me. Only the properly home colloidal silver works with 99.99% silver bars.

Magnetic puling uses electric current of 50-100uA and it neutralizes ANY bacteria KNOWN, this is proven. and the body tissue is NOT harmed.

So EMF shoots into the tissue and it kills any bacteria or harmful virus in the lymphatic tissues where MAP thrives in, such as ileum lymph.

So no antibiotics requires and it sterilizes the tissues immediately after some sessions.

All the studies are out there and he's a brilliant physicist and his worked was recognized and helped many people with AIDS, LYME, CFS, etc.

I'm not saying that this cures everything. I'm just restating what it did for many people.

If you have heavy metal issue, it won't work because MAP, parasites, and yeast live deeply within the cells and won't die. It's like the heavy metals provide them as shelters.

Also, I've developed very bad Multiple Chemical Sensitivity due to heavy metals to air fresheners, perfume, burnt smell, etc.

And this causes diarrhea and bleeding for me at times up on smelling Febreze(I'm not joking, it's this bad for me)

ConsumerReports claimed that "Muscle Milk and Myoplex" had abnormal amount of Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, etc contained in their product a few years ago.
I went through more than 50 tubs of Muscle milk and so many Myoplex packs 3 years before I developed Crohn's symptoms. I was working out hard with the WRONG supplements.

It's 100% related and I had mercury fillings which I got replaced with bio-compatible fillings.

Chelation is necessary but do it under the supervision of a practitioner.

Visit my blog, I have pictures up and explain how things work and what I've done so far with the protocol and supplements.
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D Bergy
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I am familiar with the Beck protocol but not many are so I thought maybe it was something different.

I have never used it but it is something of interest to me.

I am currently using Rife frequency treatments for Mycoplasma Pneumonia. I am also using a natural antibiotic.

I also have used Rife frequency treatments for MAP, and it appears to have killed some on the surface. The psoriasis on my shin flared up and disappeared with two treatments.

Keep me updated on your progress. We use similar alternative methods, and I think they are the best chance against MAP, since there is no other practical way to kill it.

This is not really a site for alternative treatment methods, but feel free to PM me, as we can likely help each other and hopefully get rid of this disease.

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No problem.

I think both, reasonable conventional medicine and alternative medicine should be implemented to get better safely. That's why I'm sticking with LDN and Pentasa for now.

You should nebulize home colloidal silver for Mycoplasma Penumonia, my ex-naturopathic doctor had his patient do this and it really made the patient asymptomatic quickly..
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D Bergy
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I use conventional and alternative method, whichever makes more sense given the circumstances.

I have rid myself of the Mycoplasma using Zithromax and the other methods already mentioned. My lugs are clear now but this infection moved into my intestinal tract also, and caused me pain like I never had before. 80% of the pain is gone now, but I am still going after the remainder.

I may or may not still have some Mycoplasma in the Ilium. I think it is either Mycoplasma or MAP, but not sure which at this time. I am still treating it as Mycoplasma for now and see if I keep improving.

If not, then I will target the MAP bacteria again. The Ilium is an incredibly difficult place to clear out an infection. Not the first time I have dealt with this.

I prefer not to use colloidal silver as I avoid treatments that leave a residue. Silver is similar to many antibiotics in that is is not very discriminating in what it kills. Bad bacteria and good is all affected.

I have had some success with getting rid of Crohn's symptoms before this using other methods, but they are too controversial to discuss here.

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I know that you've been using alternative treatments.
I've been lurking around this forum for a few years but just didn't make an account. I read that you've used MMS a long time ago and other methods.

Everyone's different and what works for one might not work the same way for the rest and this should be emphasized.

I'm just trying the method that actually worked for people that I know in person, rather than just hearing it on other forums like curezone, hyped up or advertisements filled corrupted forums.

And for the Colloidal Silver, I've never heard anyone getting worse with diarrhea. It either gets them better or stay the same. I know it doesn't discriminate but the ailment has been around for many many centuries to purify water and food.

How worse can it be compared to taking Cipro and flagyl that actually induces Candida manifestation when properly home made Colloidal silver actually kills Candida?

There are people who have taken it for more than a decades without it causing ANY single issue.

Even if my method works and keeps in remission for a VERY LONG TIME, I still don't want to make any bold claims or statements because this disease is very individualized and we have the freedom to choose to do whatever we wish to do.
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D Bergy
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I do not think Colloidal Silver is particularly risky. The only people that have had any problems have used extreme amounts of it.

I have a bottle of it I used a long time ago, so long ago I do not even remember why I used it.

I surely am not one to criticize someones treatment, that is their decision, and if it is working for you stick with it. You have your reasons, and you obviously have given it enough thought.

I try to identify the pathogens that cause my symptoms, so I only use broad spectrum treatments as a last resort. If I kill some pathogen that is giving me trouble, it is useful to have a good idea what it is, for future reference and general knowledge about the disease. Especially since we can reacquire them even if they were once eliminated.

So far these ones have been behind past symptoms. The Rife frequency treatments are very specific, in that if you do not have the pathogen, it does nothing at all. If it hits something, you often can tell by the bodies response.

For instance, I had stomach pain shortly after my very first Crohn's symptoms. Once I treated for H-Pylori the symptoms of burning Stomach pain were gone for good. that was five years ago. Since the treatment was specific for that, it is highly unlikely it was anything other than H-Pylori. If I get it again, I know precisely how to get rid of it.

The second example was treating for E-Coli. I specifically targeted E-Coli and every time I ran it I got sicker for a day or two. In this case the treatment failed to kill the E-Coli but did affect it.

Then I used a broad spectrum killing method and the symptoms cleared up. So now I wonder what the heck did I kill? So I ran the same E-Coli frequencies and they had no effect at all. The problem pathogen was apparently gone, so I am assuming that was the problem.

It could have been something else, given that the treatment could have killed any number of pathogens, but E-Coli is thought by some to work with the MAP bacteria and cause symptoms of its own.

I also have done this for Lyme Disease and co-infections that my wife was suffering from. She is symptom free today, although I do not think the Lyme is completely gone.

That is my methodology, and that is why I approach it as I do. It does not mean it is the only way to go about it, but we all have our reasons for what we do.

What effect has the Silver had on your symptoms? I can always use a back up plan as failures are more common than success.

Did the Beck protocol help you out?

I can't use every method out there, so it is useful to me to hear what has worked for others.

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That's very good news. I love hearing people's different methods.

I've heard of Rife equipments on someone's blog and on a forum. I never used it before but I'd love to try it if I am able to afford it lol.

I don't know what kind of silver generator you have used in the past but Beck's Protocol's silver maker uses "constant current" method to make colloidal silver.

It's better than any other colloidal silver I've taken. ALL the OTC silvers didn't do ANYTHING.
Also the magnetic pulsing shoots out Electromagnetic field and it just makes any pathogens who gets shot just lose its defense mechanism, therefore becoming weak, without damaging any somatic cells.

Also blood electrification is great, basically kills anything that's flowing in your blood streams.

I have been on this Protocol for a month but I can say that this attributed the most to my remission from a pretty intense recent flare even while being on LDN. I came off of entocort, 6mp, Humira, and Prednisone pretty quickly.

Only time will tell but I think it works.

I'd love to lend you one if you lived near my area to try out the machines.

When I wake up in the morning, straight to 1 session of magnetic pulsing in bed then I drink 250-500ml of Colloidal silver(make one the night before) then eat 30 minutes later i have my bfast.

And I don't think deliberately killing E. coli is a good idea since most people have them but are in control.


"The team found that a bacterium called Mycobacterium paratuberculosis releases a molecule that prevents a type of white blood cell from killing E.coli bacteria found in the body. E.coli is known to be present within Crohn's disease tissue in increased numbers.

Anyways, thanks for sharing and I'll update how I do in the next few weeks while on LDN too.
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D Bergy
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Thank you for the update.

I have a bottle of Sovereign Silver that I must have bought for my wife, as an early Lyme Disease treatment, because I know I had it before I was diagnosed with Crohn's.

I never used it as a treatment, likely because I found a more proven method for Lyme at that time.

I knew nothing about treating anything at that time, but was forced into the position of treating her, since no other doctor was able to diagnose her obvious symptoms, and she was declining very fast.

In retrospect, it turned out to be a good thing, but it consumed seven years of my life in personal research into the disease and treatment.

If not for that experience, I would be starting from scratch with Crohn's. Treating Lyme and two co-infections gave me the tools I use today for Crohn's. But I may need more as it is not the same disease.

The magnetic pulsing has a history of working for more than a few people, with various diseases, but I have not heard of it being used specifically for Crohn's before. I am very interested in what your results are.

I know of a person that makes a very good magnetic pulsar, and I may order one if you think it could help, and I am not making any headway with my remaining symptoms.

All I have left is a nagging low level pain in the Ilium area. The Ilium is always the most difficult area from my experience. It is difficult to get an oral treatment directly to that area. This is where frequency treatments, or the magnetic pulsar treatment you use may be more efficient, if they work at all. It is all trial and error for both of us, but positive results will follow if they work

My experiment for today will be directly targeting MAP using the DNA based frequencies for MAP. I am fairly well convinced that my remaining symptoms are not from Mycoplasma Pneumonia, and need to get back to normal.
I could make things worse also, so that is the risk involved. I may just stir it up, instead of killing it. All treatments have risk, and that is the risk with this one.

I just hope it is not yet another pathogen that I have not identified correctly.

I hope one of us gets some positive results. I have been off of work for a few weeks now due to pain. I would like to go back with no symptoms, instead of working with the lesser pain I have now. I should know how this turns out in two weeks or so.

I think the LDN is a no brainer for both of us. I need to wean off of this Prednisone soon, so I can get back on it.

Good Luck

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I have used silver with very positive results. I am fortunate to have an Orthomolecular Scientist in my community. He has really helped me with my Crohn's. I use LDN which he does not approve. The link is to the silver he reccommends. He tests all products in his private lab to ensure they are accurately labled.

DX'd - 1991

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