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NameDr. David J. Wenzke
Address3820 Olentangy River Road
 Columbus, Ohio, 43214
 United States
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I started seeing Dr. Wenzke because he was the first one to have an opening. (which I now understand why) When he first diagnosed me, he misdiagnosed me twice. He even told me, after being diagnosed with Crohns that I could eat anything I want and nothing should upset me (wrong). He was always in a rush, which made it hard to get my questions answered, and I was newly diagnosed, scared and in need of guidance and serious help, by the time I was correctly diagnosed. Because I was rushed, average time with Dr. Wenzke was 5-8 minutes tops. At first I was told to feel free to contact them with any questions, but when I would call I would always get his secretary. She was always short, and would always tell me he is busy but would call me back. Well after 3 attempts to speak to the doctor without any returned phone calls, Anna his secretary told me that it was my responsibilty to ask the doctor my questions during my scheduled apts. Ugh! I try but he stands at the door with it open saying ok, I will see you in 3 months. He would never do any exams he would just say " how have you been lately?" What was I to do? It went so far as for my family doctor to call Dr. Wenzke and ask him why he hadn't done certain tests, or thought about placing me on b12 shots, and iron infusions since my blood work showed I was severly low in both. He also asked why hadn't increased my treatment from every 6 weeks instead of every 10. He said he didn't think it would make a change. Wrong! I ended up getting b12 thgough my family doctor and he even took it into his hands to see my treament was moved to every 6 weeks and followed up to see I started to recieve iron ifusions. All of those treatments made a significant change in my life.I know he has only been practicing for 9 years but you would think he would be more understanding, helpfull and would provide guidance. But this wasn't the worst of it all. When I called to explain to them I would no longer want to see Dr. Wenzke, his secretary stated "thats fine" and then hung up on me. I have been fortunate with all my other doctors and have been with most for 7 to 10 years. I have never had such a problem and I am always friendly in return. I guess to me I always felt like I was just a waste of his time, and when I would try to share with them my feelings, it fell on deph ears or I was treated with less then professional conduct. So between Dr. Wenzke and his secretary, if you are looking for guidance and someone that will listen and try to make time for you, you are looking in the wrong place. I just wanted to note that because I would hate for someone to be treated "like they are a nuisance." I am fortunate to have had such a wondeful family doctor to advocate for me. I have never spoken ill of any doctor or complained of my care, but I just don't want anyone else to feel pushed aside. There are many wonderful doctors that can treat you, so in my opinion I would not waste time with Dr. Wenzke or the Dublin office all together, just not professional. I hope this helps.

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