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Skin tags on my upper chest

Ok..I noticed something rather odd since I was diagnosed. I used to get skin tags on my upper chest (small ones), nothing new. Then when I flared and had gotten diagnosed, I started getting bigger ones, and they were all over!!! Then, the flare ended (more or less) and they started to fall off ( know I can tell you how many times a day I poo but when I start talking skin tags, I get all grossed out...go figure!). They come more when I am flaring, and then they seem to go away.

Does anyone else have this problem????

I know Crohn's can cause skin tags in the anal area that resemble hemorrhoids, I have one (see, I can talk about that!).... But, I was wondering if anyone else has seen a change in their skin like that.

And you know, now that I think back, I went to the doc when I had gotten really sick, and he looked at my hiney and said, yep, hemmi's. But, had he gone in depth to check all the other symptoms more closely (rectal bleeding, vomiting, loss of weight, etc) I mite have gotten better before I got sooooo sick!! It wasn't a hemorhoid, it was an anal skin tag......hmmmmm......
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I really don't get skin tags. I have gotten a couple in my time but they only appeared when I was in the mists of a bad flare.
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I cant say that i have experianced skin tags sorry
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dont think I have had this...yet..
sounds lovely. I wish you luck with them!
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i have skin tags, they flare up when i'm out of control but i also noticed that i have, ummm, a hemmi i think inside me. i am afraid to look and just plain don't want to know. you know what i mean. i could feel something go back in after a bowel movement, like it was attatched to me.
anyways, crohn's is one sexy disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Crohns and sexy all in one sentence... thats a new one for me :P haha
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Steph, what you have may not be a hemmi. I thought I had one when I was about 8 months into my pregnancy. Especially since all I was doing was straining to go potty, and I had a 10 and a half pound watermelon stuck in there! When I asked the doc about it, he said it wasn't a hemmi, it was a tag created by the Crohns. Worse, he doesn't advise removing it cuz it could stir up a really bad flare. Apparantly, Crohn's doesn't want you messing with ANY part of the digestive tract, or it will react. And, to make matters worse, this tag "down there" that I have thanks to the Crohn' so big I swear it has its own zip code! I begged him to take it off, for a whole lotta reasons as you all can imagine....but to no avail. I have even had 2nd opinions on this matter.

Anyway....ask your doc. It may be one of those sexy Crohn's things.
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I've recently noticed skin tags under my arm. I think I had a tiny one that's been there for years, which I think has grown...although I've read that they're not supposed to grow. Another one turned up as well. I get a little itchy, and in the last week I've had a bit of a rash...I think I've become allergic to my deodorant (didn't bother me for the past year, even during and right after my flare landed me in the hospital).

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