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My friend

I have a friend who has colitis and possibly Crohn's. She told me that her doctor is eager to get her off of Entocort because she has been on it for 1 year. We all know the side effects...
Anyways, every tiem she weans off Entocort she has bleeding again. Her GI doctor said that he wants her to wean off entocort and have a colonoscopy soon after bleeding resumes. His idea is to just removed the bleeding/diseased section.
This seemed like an extreme measure. We all know that this wouldn't provide her a cure.
She hasn't tried Remicade or Humira yet! What do you think (I know you're not doctors!)?
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I couldn't get my bleeding to stop, ended up in ER, then hospital. does your friend smoke? If not, it may be worth her while to try a package of Nicotine Replacement patches... perhaps at the 21 mg level, even if just for a few days to a week or so.
Or, to be really cautious, try the 7 mg dose, and then maybe ramp them up/use a couple together, to increase the dose to 14 or 21. Just to see what happens, OK

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