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Blood Discharge

Hey folks,

I have been dealing with a fistula from somewhere inside to the cut from the surgery. Basically, that is fine because it was draining and didn't cause me much trouble in the overall scheme of things.

However, the last couple of days the pus has diminished greatly and I actually was a little afraid of the opening closing and causing me pain when or if it fills up again. So, this morning when I did an application change I pushed a bit on it and blood came out. During the day I felt some twinges, not really pain, and when I came home I pushed again and pus shot out but then there was again a "lot" of blood.

Is that normal or is that something to worry about? Maybe, hopefully just a sign that it is finally healing or could it be that I am having a flare without noticing/having other symptoms?

I also noticed that I am having really bad reactions to mosquito bites and am not sure if that is the beginning of something more serious because I never had such strong reactions before.

Any hints or thoughts?

I searched the fistula subforum but didn't find anything regarding bloody discharge.

Thanks in advance and be well!

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i don't know about what's normal or not, but i've had blood come out of mine. i think when it's irritated? had a couple of instances of quite a bit of blood, but most of the time just a little bit. it will last for a half day or so, then be fine for a while.
i haven't had any for the last 3 weeks, but that's when i started remicade.
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I am also not sure what is normal.

Mine used to just drain without blood. But since starting Remicade it has been discharging blood daily + drainage. Asked my GI about bleeding and he didn't really give me a straight answer if seeing blood is good or bad.

I see my CRS next Monday so I hope to get a better answer of what bleeding may be an indication of. I do have a seton so maybe the fistula is trying to heal (I could only wish) and the movement of the seton is causing it to bleed.....
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The discharge now is still more bloody than actual pus but at least it got less, so it maybe healing after all. I don't have a seton (thankfully) and my doctor's (GI) appointment is coming up soon. I can ask him what his thoughts are.
Thanks for the replies!

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