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Rash around stoma


I've had Crohn's since I was 9 and an ileostomy the same year (1988). Last year I had surgery for strictureplasties and my ileostomy was reset. Since then I've had a problem of frequent rashes and broken skin around the stoma site and haven't found the Orahesive powder particularly helpful in clearing it up. My stoma nurse has a product from Spain which is not available from pharmacies here in the UK which she says is very helpful. It is called Mercromina Film and is produced by Lainco. Has anyone here used this, and is it available in North America? It is a pink solution in a dark glass medicine bottle.

If there are other creams, powders or liquids which help I would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks
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Hi! Come over and post in the stoma forum! Lots of help there.

Are you using barrier rings???
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I use the barrier rings and they are great. My skin was "macerated" as the nurses called it, and two weeks after using the barrier rings my skin was back to normal and pain had gone.
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