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Has Crohn's made you a more determined person?

Being ill can sometimes put life into perspective - how many people take their health for granted until it's gone?

When some people find themselves faced with illhealth, it makes them think about what's really important to them - friends, family, relationships, personal development, happiness, doing things for others etc.

I expect some people, on being told they have a life-long incurable illness, react with anger, and some of those people might fuel that anger into achieving as much as they possibly can, because they feel strongly that they don't want to let Crohn's 'beat' them.

My question is:

'Has Crohn's made you a more determined person and does having Crohn's make you want to get the most possible out of life despite your illness?'

I know that I wont take my health for granted again, and I also know that for me, personally, it's made me a more determined and ambitious person, because I was/am faced with losing many options that were available to me before I became ill.

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Good question! I have had crohn's 20 years plus, and I have learned that friends can come and go, real friends stay around. You have to take things day by day and not worry so much of the future. I try to stay calm and love my life with my husband, and my dogs each day. Yeah I had the anger but what got does it do? I have my really sick days and good days... I am just blessed with support on here and my family.
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this is a great question. whenever i feel down about things, i always remind myself about my disease. i need to get out there and DO something!! i'm more compelled to be spontaneous nowadays i went sky-diving last year and bungee jumping this year...who knows if i had actually gone through with those things if i didn't have a different outlook on life. i'm so glad i did, because they were so much fun!!!!! my boyfriend took me to both for my birthday, so i have him to thank, also he's amazing! ...gotta find any way you can to live life as much as you want. don't want to have regrets..
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It has made me much more determined to worry less about silly things I would have gotten upset about only recently. I can no longer be bothered to argue with people about stupid things...time is short as far as I am concerned and more focused.
I realize that the small and simple things like running or walking are more enjoyable.
It has been one of the big benefits I have gotten out of having this disease...
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I let things that annoy me or upset me go way easier than I did before as I just do not have enough "spoons" in the run of the day to use up on the needless worry.

My enjoyment of things has also changed to have gratitude for the smaller things - going window shopping without becoming overy exhausted, being able to clean my house myself somedays, still having energy to cook and bake for my SO.

Am I more determined - no, I used to be but I just don't have the energy anymore.
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I do believe it has made Sarah more determined, passionate and driven. I may well be wrong but for some reason, maybe it's a Mum instinct thing , I just don't think that Sarah would have done half the things she has over the past two years if she didn't have the awful experiences she did 6 years ago and the legacy that has left her with. She truly does live life to the fullest she possibly can.

Matt is only recently diagnosed but prior to diagnosis he was driven and I can only assume his determination will grow even further. The reason I say this is not long after his diagnosis and during his first hospital admission he said to me..."I am never going to waste my time again." Mind you, I didn't think he was wasting it in the first place!

As for me, well I don't have CD but it has certainly made me more determined... determined to do the very best I can for my children, determined to know all I can about this disease, determined to be the best advocate I can, determined to give them the best possible start in their adult life and determined to see them happy and healthy.

Determined Dusty.
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It's brilliant to read so many positive replies

It's a difficult question to ask I think because everybody has days when they feel like they just can't cope or they don't want to cope, but I think it's positive to learn that something of value can sometimes come out of something bad.

Learning not to take things for granted is a lesson that few people learn until they're faced with losing something (like their health) and although we would all chose not to be ill, I'm really glad I've had the opportunity to learn that lesson.

This year has been difficult for me in a lot of years, not just because of Crohn's, but I've learnt more about myself this year than at any other time in my life, and I'm really contented with my new attitude towards life and a new appreciation for the little things I might have taken for granted before.

I've always considered myself a strong and determined person, but this year those qualities were actually put to the test and I'm happy to say I seem to have made it through still smiling
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It has made me worry that my health could leave me at anytime and that I should try to enjoy things that require physical abilities now and not end up regretting missing out later. So is that more determined or just more scared? Not sure, but i'm in a very difficult place because my relationship is very bad and I was putting myself on hold till my kids get raised up. So now I feel like I have a ticking health clock, my health is relatively good right now, but I'm not sure where I will be in 10-15 years and so this aspect of things is stressful for me.
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When I got diagnosed, I felt like the world pulled the rug out from underneath me. And now it just keeps getting pulled again and again as I get more and more wrong with me. I got up pretty quickly the first time and was ready to go again. But, with the addition of the horrible sinus infections, the hypothyroid, the fibromyalgia the diabetes, and the arthritis related to IBD, plus the head aches and the pain in my upper back that won't resolve. it is getting harder and harder to want to get back up and keep trying. If it isn't one illness bugging me, it is another. And the doctors treat me like all I do is go for attention. I go when I feel like I am ready to die. And sometimes, several days after I have felt like that already happened. I no longer feel like a strong person. I feel like a victim. And I am starting to run out of fight.
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