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have a fissure, scared maybe now an abscess

hi everyone, Kind of depressed rightnow. Seen surgeon last week to check on fissure and he hurt and said fissure in under a tag. When i first got it and showedmy partner he said it was towards spine. 2 days ago looked at it and he said can't see it but a hemmi looking thing on that spot and down towards vagina he says it looks scraped with some peeling skin. I've had fissure almost 6 weeks. about 6 months ago started having slight pain on right side of vagina and anus. Saw 2 dr's and surgeonand they did digital and 1 did a vaginal and felt nothing. ALso on that side of vagina its slight swollen and had been like that for 6 months. i had did one canastan but nothing. one dr. said the anus looked infected at that time and said the pain from there could spread to vagina and just gave me an antibiotic cream to put on anus whichi didn't. since then i would feel it on sonme day and not much on some. Now last 3 days felt pain on same side of anus and vagina, the pain is slightly more than before. Now seem spread more to buttock area and down the leg. Its not severe pain but worried about it, I';ve check around that area for lumps and can't find any. Regarding the peeling could that be from all the sitz baths and i wasn't putting any creams on it at all. Maybe i dried it outt, is that possible and what would i do aboutit. Please some advice. I am planning on going to dr. on monday but if it gets worse i will ge to er.
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Ask your doctor for some Nifedipine/lidocaine cream to apply to the fissure 3x a day. It usually has to be made by a compounding pharmacy. I use it for my fissure and it helped it heal almost completely. Warm sitz baths will also help ease pain. Also, make sure you dont get constipated, and keep your stool soft. Not sure about the peeling, it may just be very irritated. Hope that helps.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Fistulas, Fissures and Abscesses » Have a fissure, scared maybe now an abscess
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