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adrian mcdonnell
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Mouth Ulcers

Hi Everyone,
I am on my third week back at work, working around 5 hours a day at the moment but feeling very, very tired. I am 3 months post op and for the last 6 weeks i have been suffering from lots of mouth ulcers and wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I have seen the doctor on numerous occasions and he said that it could be the dreaded Chrohns (already? please no!) I have an appointment to see my consultant next Tuesday to see what the problem may be.
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Hi Adrian - I hope that's not it!!! Are you on any meds that could be the culprit?

Fingers crossed you get it sorted out and it's not serious....

- Amy
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I get some nasty ulcers on the roof of my mouth. I use hot salt water mouth wash & antiseptic throat spray. It takes a while but seems to get rid of them.
Sadly like you I do suspect they are Crohns related.
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I've suffered with horrible mouth ulcers all my life and yes, they can definitely be triggered because of the Crohn's. One thing that I found helped shorten their duration is yogurt. You want to make sure that it says it contains L. acidophilous which is the "good" bacteria. If you aren't a yogurt lover, there are probiotic pills you can take that will accomplish the same thing. The brand I've taken is called Lactinex. They're over the counter but must be refridgerated so just ask the pharmacist for them.

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I've also suffered from mouth ulcers all my life. I dab milk of magnesia or mylanta right on top of them a couple times a day. It helps them heal so much quicker than any other method I've tried, and it takes some of the sting away.
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During the 2 really bad flares i had, one of the first symptoms was always mouth ulcers, massive ones that never ever cleared until my crohns disease became under control with meds. ive been free from them for quite a while now but they are horrible. Hope you get them under control soon.
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