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Week 11

So I'm about 11 weeks pregnant now and things are going pretty good, besides morning sickness and being moody. The babies heart beat is strong and it's very active. So the best thing is that even though I cant keep any of my medications down, my crohns has calmed down quite a bit. I love seeing pictures of my baby in ultrasounds, I had to have 2 already due to some bleeding, everything still looked great! December is when we get to see the sex of the baby! I'm so happy.
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I am glad all is calming down for you...and long may it last for you and your baby..
Take care..
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Congratulations!!! Have you tried Zofran 8mg for the nausea? I had to take it during both of my pregnancies...it melts right on your tounge so there is no need to keep it down...oh, and it works in about 15 minutes!

I hope you continue to feel well with CD and that the morning sickness subsides!
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Congratulations, thats great news, nothing better than hearing that wee tiny heartbeat and wait for those kicks. I had two good pregnancies compared to some who don't have CD, but had to watch my iron levels and made sure I was hydrated. Had little issues around week 30 with the babies dropping into position and putting pressure on bowel, not saying to stress you but advise you to get plenty of rest when you can, Very excited for you.
Keep us updated.
Gwen xxx
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