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Feel like I have been kicked in the butt?

Hello - I have a question about a current symptom. Does anyone on here feel like they have been butt kicked? I mean, like the bones you sit on have been literally kicked? I have had this for a few weeks now and it is driving me nuts. The pressire is insane.I can't sit comfortable at all unless on a very soft surface. I also have a few sore spots happening but up on the side and it feels like there may be some thing tearing internally when I have to use the washroom(vag and anal) - I know i have an internaly (small to large intestine) fistula - could I be getting more? there is no drainage but they won't go away (there are two). I see my GI thursday but I was just curious if anyone can give me a heads up maybe or a similar story? Thanks!
  • dx'd dec'07 CD
  • emerg surg Mar '08 - removal of 10 in
  • no remission achieved - IBS suspected with CD
  • abscess in pelvic floor sept'08 (mis dx'd aug)
  • cont. severe pain, and inflammation seen in mult tests
  • currently on entecort, diuretic, remeron, pain meds as needed and pain patch
  • waiting for latest reports to switch to new meds
    on and off other meds - I can't remember!!!!!!!
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Jeff D.
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You may have an abscess. Thats what mine felt like. Call your doctor asap or if it is really bad I would go to the ER. How is the pain, 1-10(I hate when they ask that but that seems to be the average question), is it sharp or dull.
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Not to scare you but i had that pain for 8 months, it got worse and worse untill i had to have emergency surgery to drain 500mls of puss from an abcess!! Yup thats about a pint!
5 years on i still have problems.
I really would insist on going to see your doc and seeing if you can have a MRI or something.
I went to my docs and had a load of tests but they still missed it!
Good luck, i hope it turns out to be nothing much.
Vicky OdD SoCkS!
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Hi Keara, as you may have read I had a perianal abcsess drained and removed in January and still have a perianal fistula. Mine took all of 10 days from symptoms to bursting and surgery and was pretty near the surface of the skin so i could feel it by about day six.

I didn't see anyone until it was too late and it had already burst. By that time i could feel a large swelling that was very painful. It could be that you have an abcsess that is more internal and so the symptoms may be reduced. It is always best to get them sorted early if possible. I hope it isn't an abcsess and if your going to see your GI on thursday its prob best to wait till then as long as your symptoms don't get too bad.

All the best and take care.
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Really? Wow. Hadn't crossed my mind about all that - then again, I am so new to the dx and investigation into stuff - but when you read, sometimes the symptoms don't match - for *abscess* I read fever and ab pain when my GI told me of the internal one (I have an appt with a surgeon in a month for that). I have had the night sweats all back again and in the day sometimes I get al flushed - my GI said it was the Crohn's - so I will watch the fever I guess - I think the pred is keeping the ab pain at bay as well there (, it is muted (if that makes any sense to anyone - same pain but less intense) although I haven't been able to eat very well and have been on the high dose for 4 weeks. I sort of force feed the cals or I lose weight fast.

I can't feeli a sweeling but it does feel like maybe something is swollen deeper than I can feel - of that makes any I have some few little sores but they close fast and like said, no drainage, which is what I read to watch for.

I am finding sitting on a hot water bottle is helping - the pain has increased but just a touch, mostly a very bad dull ache, sometimes with sharp twinges and for sure, way worse after any walking or sitting not on a H2O bottle. Unfortunatley, I can't be inactive either with my children (and wouldn't want to be).

Just when you think things are on an upswing....

But thatnk you to everyone for writing, as I have this info to work with and I don't think I am alone in this - PLUS, mostly, with all the weird symptoms that are next to impossible to find a description having the forum where someone can say, yes, that's like when, is very helpful - not necessarily a dx, but helpful for the info and maybe some idea of what to watch for and where to go next for readings.


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