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My Crohns.

In 06. I began getting sick. I just thought that it was the flu or something. This would be the latter part of 06. In 07 it just got worse. I did have the flu. Bad enough to not eat and I lost a lot of weight. I weighted about 145 lbs, but when it was alll said and done I weighted about 85 lbs. Not good. I went to the hospital in feb of 07. Had all the tests. But didn't learn until 08 that I had Crohns. My doctor then kept telling me I had some kind of disease. No med's nothing. So I suffered one year before I could get started on my med's. Now I'm 4 years crohns, still have some problems, but not like I was. I still do the trial and err with the eating. I do hambuger meat every once and a while, but not steaks. Lord help me, I miss some of the foods I use to eat. Thank you.
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Hi silvermist and welcome! Why wouldn't your doctor treat your Crohn's after your diagnosis? What "disease" did he think you had? Boy, I am glad you are on treatment now. What do you take? Have you mentioned to your GI that you still have symptoms? Perhaps your treatment plan needs to be reevaluated.

Oh, I miss certain foods, too. I really miss salads. Funny thing, though, is I do well with steak! I don't eat it often, but when I do, I don't have any issues. We are all so different!

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I am still sick and so confused...
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welcome. i miss food. that what i always says frustrates me most. enjoying food.
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Hello and welcome to you Silvermist...
It still amazes me how some doctors can see a huge drop in a patients weight and still do nothing about it!!!
Glad things are working better for you now.....
Take care..
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Thank you. I do everything I can to keep myself out of the hospital. Want a vacation, but not that way.

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