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I'm so over it :(

Once again I'm flaring, will there ever be a year when I don't have to deal with one.
I'm so sick of the side effects I get from Prednisone, the shakes, the depressive feelings, the tears, the moodiness (which is not fair on my hubby and small kids)
I'm so sick of spending money on medication.
I'm sick of the labour type contractions I am getting.
I'm sick of hiding this illness from all my new friends. (moved town)
I'm so sick of feeling anxious
I'm sick of having to plan where a loo is where ever i go.
I'm sick of having to pop pills every morning before I eat.
I'm sick of being restricted on what I can eat. It shi*ts me to no end that I can't go to a fine dine restaurant and eat their dishes as they are too rich. I love to wine and dine.

I could go on and on, not having a very good day. Feel free to add to the list
Ulcerative Colitis since 2004

Currently taking:
4 x 1g sachets Pentasa (every morning)
5mg x Prednisone
Probiotic Daily

Allergic Reaction to Imuran May 2011.
Reaction to Cyclosporin Nov 2011.
I've said no to Methotrexate as it sounds toxic and GI doesn't like using it.
Next stop may be surgery.

Had a major flare last Nov, hospitalised where I haemorrhaged. Ended up in ICU and blood transfusion.

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A lot of us know that feeling! Its a on going battle. I can just suggest taking the same steps you took just before you went into remission. For me it was taking Asacol. Way before the probiotics.

It sucksssssss, I'm always thinking of the day i will come out of remission. i call it remission even through i see blood once or twice a week but its very little.

Take care!!
Its not so bad
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Please hang in there!!! I am just getting over a really bad flare that was off and on since February. I have two young children too. Believe me, your children and your husband want you around, need and love you! You will start to feel better eventually. It is a long road when you feel so bad every day, but remember that you will fell better. It is just a matter of when. We have all been where you are now and I can feel your pain. Please know that everyone is here for you.

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