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For me, alcohol is a no no. After my last op, when they told me I was cured, I started brewing a couple of batches of wine... Now I got over 6 dozen bottles of wine, and I can't touch a drop... You talk about hell on Earth.. My other fav beverage is Clancy's Amber Ale... simply the best beer ever made... Same story, I canna drink a drop. I've heard there are 2 reasons:
1st: alcohol in any form is diuretic.. causes dehydration. Dehydration causes
pain in bowel to increase... 2nd: (and I'm not sure if I agree/accept this) but
yeast used in forming alcohol is a feast for those nasty bacteria in the bowel,
(not to mention increase is gas).. Unless all yeast in the brew of your choice is dead, you're asking for trouble... NOW, some say that there are alcohols made w/o yeast... RUMOURED to be vodka, tequila, and some American beer.
So they're supposed to be easier on your system, if you allow for re-hydration
(WARNING This last bit is all hearsay and rumour, it's not medical science...
HOWEVER, if anyone out there can substantiate the bit about yeast free beer
or whatever, then I'm all ears. It would be nice to drink occasional one, even if it's an (uggh) American beer..

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Hi - I noticed that this was happening to me about a month ago, every sip of alcohol I took tasted bad (rancid) and I wouldnt finish it. Or if I finished it I would have a lot of pain. Turns out I had gallstones from the Chrons and everytime I drank it brought on a gallbladder attack, the only relief I got was by laying on the floor as well but then this stopped working. I ended up having my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago because of this and now I can drink small amounts of alcohol without a problem. Hope this helps, might be worth looking into.
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When I drink I drink and I don't get sick... I became a pro back in high school before most people had their first beer in college...

What I do... I get a bottle of mid to high grade vodka (Schirnoff or Absolute)... I Can't affored Grey Goose or Belvider... These past few times I have gotten vodka that has a vanillia tint to it... So look for Smirnoff Vanillia Vodka or Absulote vanillia vodka..

You then take a small glass and place 3 cubes of ice in that glass... You then feel that glass full of vanillia flavored vodka... You then drink that glass in about 15 min to 1 hour...

Next you take your same glass... Remember 3 cubes of ice... And feel it back up with vanillia vodka... Feel fre to drink on this drink for about 2 hours...

That's what it takes to get me drunk... I only do this maybe once or twice a year...

I also had no signs or symptoms of active chron's inflamtion at that time...

Meds I was on was just Imuran 100 mg once a day...

And Zoloft 200 mg taken as 100 mg in morning and 100 mg at night...
but with alchol... So if I had started drinking that night I wouldn't take the 2nd zoloft pill...

Granted I also brought my vitamens with me which helped A TON... You just don't even begin to realize all the vitamens you pee out when you drink like that...

Also I stay awake until I feel somewhat sober... I then eat something light and drink some milk... And I never ever ever get a hangover and I do not feel sick the next day... Granted last DragonCon 05 I did this 3 days in a row... I just felt a little tired and I had funcky green colored diereha by the end of the con...

Granted the tired part was from dancing with two chicks for 3 and a half hours the night before...
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At first, any alcohol bothered me and caused nearly instant pain. Now, no problem. Love vodka!
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[QUOTE=jlbastian]I've found the only thing that really makes things bad is beer. The clear liquors seem to be fine in small amounts.

same here, long as i go easy on it... i have had some bad experiences tho, before i got diagnosed i went drinking with some guys from the football team and well, the next day i thought i was going to die. on one occassion i threw up about a pint of blood and then on another time my kidneys shut down, so both were crazy insane painful so i try to stay away from drinking as much as i can, sometimes tho i`ll have a glass of read wine
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Before I had my illeostomy. I could drink just about anything without too much fizz. I drink wine and had many merry evenings without any side effects, apart from a stonking hangover the following morning. Since the illeostomy, I can only drink a glass of wine and I feel merry, my output is really watery and overall its just not worth it. So at the mo I am almost teetotal, I have plenty of catching up to do once I have my reversal though.


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