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i'm new...

i am new to this site and forum and wish i had found you all a year ago when all this nonsense started. this seems like a very encouraging and informative place to be.
i have a question about remicade and immune issues. i am going to start on remicade soon as my imuran and prednisone are not working. i am concerned about the health implications as i work with small children who are "germy" as my husband lovingly calls them. it seems that reading about the side effects of remicade that being careful about not being exposed to alot of infections etc. is super important.
thanks for any help or encouragement
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HI Tania to the forum! We have a few teachers here, one with Austisic children and yes she gets the odd bug but we all do. I wished there was computers when I was diagnosed! Many people here are doing great on the biologics, so don't worry. Its either that or stay on Prednisone which in my opinion is the worst drug on the market...Very cheap little miracle drug but the less you are on it the better.

Glad you found us and stick around! When do you go for your first infusion? Good luck.

I just realized there has been alot of Canadians and UK's joining up here. Great bunch!
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Hi and welcome, Tania! I'm glad you found us, too.

I'm a teacher, so I understand you are always surrounded by kiddos! Remicade has been wonderful for me, so far. I was told to be extra careful about washing my hands often and not touching my face, etc. So far, a few bugs have traveled through my own home without affecting me at all. Lucky, I guess. I'm still trying to figure out how I haven't gotten sick, but not complaining.

Advice: keep hand sanitizer in several places in your classroom for the children to use whenever they sneeze, pick, or blow their nose. Also, you may want to keep a personal one at your desk so grubby hands don't touch it.

I hope Remicade works nicely for you. Keep in touch.

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thank you for your replies...i run an in home daycare so the germs are pretty close to home.. do you think that it makes sense to ask the parents to be extra careful about bringing sick kids in or being i have already been on prednisone for almost a year, perhaps the remicade won't make much difference at all. i am assuming they are both equally devestating as far as suppressing one's immune system.
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I would definitely ask parents to not bring sick kids. I was on Remicade for 10 years and now on Cimzia. Since I've started the immunosuppressant drugs, I pretty much get everything that comes around. Not to scare you. I'm just being honest about how it affects me. Definitely wash your hands a lot, and you might want to take an immune building supplement along with the Remicade. That would help.

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