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Calling all moms with Crohn's...especiall on Remicade!!

My husband and I recently met with a high risk doctor for prenatal counseling regarding the risks we will face (thanks to my Crohn's and being 35yoa) when/if I get pregnant. The doctor does not seem concerned about the fact that I am on Remicade and said I will stay on it when I get pregnant. He said there aren't any studies that show Remicade should be of concern during pregnancy, however he also said there haven't been a lot of studies about it period on pregnant women.

I guess basically I'm just looking for information and/or advice from you moms out there with Crohn's who have had kids, especially while you've been on Remicade. Any and all information you can share would be wonderful since we will be trying soon! I'm trying not to stress about it, especially given I am of the age where I will already be at an increased risk for other problems - but sometimes that is easier said than done!
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Hi! I have a 21 month old daughter, and am 15 weeks pregnant. With my first pregnancy; I didn't know I had Crohn's, so you're one up from where I was

Now, with my second pregnancy; I ended all my medications, including Remicade, before getting pregnant. That was a personal choice, and I know I may feel it after the I am done with the pregnancy. I had an episode lately and my OB/GYN and GI are thinking about putting me back on Remicade, and if I am healthy; I know I'll be doing the best thing for my unborn child I feel it's a personal choice, and how you're feeling before you actually get pregnant.
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I wasn't on remicade when I was pregnant, but when I was breastfeeding my doctor put me on it. He told me that the molecules are so large they wouldn't be able to pass into the breast milk. I would imagine the same thing might be in effect for the placenta.

You and your baby will be better off if you are not in active disease when you are pregnant. I was flaring and had a very small baby, which was possibly due to my crohn's.
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Remicade is pregnancy category B, and doesnt cross the placenta until the 3rd trimester, which is well past the organ development phase. I felt ok with trying to conceive and being pregnant on remicade. Unfortunately I had a reaction to it and had to stop taking it. I am now taking imuran and plan to continue taking it when I become pregnant and during breastfeeding as well.
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I will be doing the same kind of thing in about a year. I am also OLD (haha) and have Crohn's and also Celiac Disease. I already have an 8 year old son. I was told a year ago, that Remicade was considered ok for the first and second trimesters. I didn't go into detail about it because it wasn't on the radar so much. I have a colonoscopy next week and I have a list of questions for the doctor. So I might ask some more about it. I was also told that typically if you are in a flare while you are pregnant, you are more likely to stay in a flare while pregnant and I CANNOT EVEN FATHOM THAT...


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