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Hi, I have recently changed hospitals and I have been told I need to have a fistulotomy to find out where my fistula's started. I know that dye has to be put in to one of the fistula's, but how do they get it in there, mine are so tiny like pin prcks also, does it hurt (please be honest) thanks so much. Bev
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Does not sound ok to me...fistulotomy to locate fistula? How about Xray first. I know docs can investigate by sticking a probe while you are sedated. You do not feel anything, hence sedation. I would find out first where it starts before going under the knife, there are many non surgical options to close fistula- Cypro, Flagyl, Remicade, plugs, glue. Do not rush in to surgery - I had fistulatomy 2 1/2 years ego and my cut did not heal properly - I now have a key hole deformity at my anal verge and I am leaking post bm.

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