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Quantiferon TB Test Results - Indeterminate???????

I was going to be put on Humira but the Quantiferon TB Test results came back as "indeterminate". My doctor said he is going to consult the infectious disease specialist about how to proceed since he has never had a result come back this way.

Has anyone had their result come back as "indeterminate"?
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Yes I recently have. What did they do with your case?
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Yes and I was fine but they need to do a PPD. They inject you and check your skin 2 days later. It's very accurate and will hopefully be definitive.
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Here they seem to treat the quantiferon test as the more accurate. Hope it's no big deal. Good thing your doc is checking with infectious disease.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Quantiferon TB Test Results - Indeterminate???????
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