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Humira injection

I'm new to the site but have had crohn's for 25 years. I am starting humira tomorrow. Was wondering where other members on humira prefer their injections legs or abdomen? Please let me know. Thank You
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Legs... tummy hurts... to me personally.
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When it comes to any injections, I prefer they occur in someone else. but thats just me and my 'issue' with hypos. I've heard others advise to ice the spot first... wondering if perhaps some OTC numbing agents like 'Orajel', etc., might help. Might be a good topic for a thread.. not just for Humira, but the others.. like 'metho', whatever. General advice, with specifics for specifics...

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I do it in the legs. I haven't tried tummy, and don't think I want to. It just sounds freaky.
Ice the spot really well until it stings. The injection isn't that bad. Press on the injection site afterwards. This will keep bruising to a minimum.
Good luck!
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Thanks for the responses. I was thinking legs as well but my wife thought the tummy would be better. The tummy freaks me out as well. Kev a numbing agent would be nice but not sure if one could be used or not. Would have to check with a doctor on that one.
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I prefered it in the tummy, here in Scotland theres no numbing agents lol just stabbed then done.
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By all means check with a doctor FIRST! Esp. with advice from us amatuers.

The Orajel (its a teething relief for infants... applied, it temporarily 'freezes' or 'numbs' the gums.. figure it is fairly safe.. but that's an assumption.. since it's intended for infants, and its taken orally... but who knows all the 'possible' drug interactions... oh, that's right.. doctors.. I guess. Go ask)

And Pricey... Always wanted to go to Scotland... visit the ancestral home... Think I'll have to pass. Couldn't stand being surrounded by numbers of teething infants who didn't have 'numbing' agents to apease them... What do moms/dads in Scotland give teething infants? Scotch???
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i personally never did it in my thighs, because id rather poke into soft fat than hard muscle (lol)

one word of advice, WATCH FOR STRETCH MARKS! those are so painful if you accidently inject too close to one, it seems to spread and seep in further, it feels.

PS: the lotion they use to Numb the skin before IV's is called Emela Cream
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Well, did all 4 injections the same night. I did the first one and got my wife to do the other 3. I am using the pens. All into the thigh muscle. Iced down the site before injecting. I have to say the injections burn quite a bit. Not sure a topical numbing agent would help. The needle prick isn't that bad it is the humira just burns as it is injected. I also got a slight headache right after the injections. Will try and make a new entry as to how I respond to the humira. I am now on 25mg pred/day, questran and colazal. I hope the humira works. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!!
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I use the pens and also think the abdomen is better. Use ice for a few minutes and then go for it.
Hope it helps you.
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to me they are both about the same. not fun, but the burn only lasts 10 seconds or so. i dont use ice or anything either.
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I always did them in the leg. Sticking a needle in my abdomen would give me the hebejebes
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they all feel about the same to me. they tell you to rotate injection sites, so i do left & right leg, then right & left stomach. doing it clockwise helps me keep straight where i last injected so i don't repeat/

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