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The Cramping is unbearable - HELP

I'm having a pretty rough trot here. I'm flaring again, GI away for 4 weeks but back Tues thank god, I have no back up GI.

I put myself back on the Prednisone 3 weeks ago to try and settle things down, which the blood has settled BUT the cramps I am getting are god awful. They are the worst they have ever been. As soon as try and eat i get the worst cramps, keel over, it honestly feels like I'm in labour. Today I almost vomited from the pain which was awful b/c i was at work. How on earth do i hide the pain and vomiting in one

What are everyone's cramp levels? Do they get worse as I disease goes on?

I have been diagnosed with UC 8 years ago but my last Colonoscopy suggested the possibility it may be Chrons. Are the cramps more severe with Chrons?

I'm taking Strong Paracetamol for the pain but it's doing nothing.

Anyone got any suggestions to get me through the weekend?
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Next stop may be surgery.

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Hi jaggartini. I can totally sympathise with you. During my last major flare up of Crohn's I was at work where I collapsed from pain! I seriously thought I was going to die I was in so much pain (and I'd say it was even WORSE then childbirth!). I was taken to hospital and given morphine.....eventually (long story), sent home with pain killers then a week later back in hospital in agony. I had a bowel obstruction and strictures and eventually went on to have a bowel resection.

Don't mean to scare you but PLEASE go see your gp and tell him how bad the pain is. He should be able to do something for you. Just don't leave it.

In the meantime, I found hot water bottle helps (a little) and dihydrocodeine with paracetamol helps. And try to relax. I know this is easier said than done, but really try.

Please keep us updated how you are doing. Good luck. x
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I have found that heat helps also with abdominal cramps. I've never tried the hot water bottle but laying down with a heating pad on my stomach and a pillow on top of that helped.
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Have you tried an antispasmodic like Buscopan?
In any case see your GP, or go to ER/A&E, it shouldn't be that bad.
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Thanks so much for your replies. I think I might try and see my GP this afternoon (even though he hasn't got a great knowledge about UC surley he can help with the pain) He suggested Buscopan but it didn't do anything for me. I have been taking Panadeine EXTRA. Not sure if the Coedine is something i should be having but I really need something stronger than Panadol.
I'm really worried as i now think i have blood in my urine, if anything it looks darker than normal. I'm pretty sure I'm drinking enough fluids, i really try too so not sure what is going on. I feel different from other flares. I'm not actually going heaps but my stomach is in some fiery knot if that makes sense. Weird
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it can be a viscous cycle I find as the more pain killers I take causes constipation and therefore stronger cramps, that said I think if your in agony you should go to a&e in case it's an obstruction judging by the amount of pain your in and the darker pee. could you have a kidney infection also or are you taking meds that would change the colour? Don't wait to vet treatment I'm the worlds worsenfor going to the docs and have been caught out twice now once was a perforated bowel and the other pneumonia. Good luck and hope you feel better very soon

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Well its off to hospital I go
Prob be in for 5-7 days.
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Good luck, sweetie! I hope they get the bleeding under control. Feel better soon.

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