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Specific Diet??

Hi there...just wondering if anyone actually sticks to a specific diet? I am on a gluten free, lactose free, sugar free diet...been doing it for a year now, but every once in a while I cheat and have a sugary treat....I do know if I have wheat or gluten I am done...but lactose & sugar I can have a bit of lee-way..I work in the hospital environment & alot of crohns patients that come through sound like they eat whatever they want...they do suffer for it, but still do it...I can't cheat a whole lot because if I do I literally cannot leave my house due to majorly embarassing & uncontrollable issues.....just wondering if anyone else sticks to a specfic diet & if so what kind?
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I am intolerant of milk but can deal with small amounts of other dairy products. Also I am allergic to bakers yeast, sesame seed, cane sugar and cranberries. I have eliminated as much of these foods as possible and I also try to cook most of my meals from scratch as I find processed food and fast food really mess my system up.
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Nope. I eat whatever I feel like eating. Some things, I know I'll pay for the next day or two, but my cravings win out over the future consequences. Stupid, probably, but it's just how it is for me.
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I am gluten + dairy intolerant and fructose sensitive. So, am controlling my symptoms by eliminating gluten + dairy and consuming only a very limited amount of foods high in sugar. I have not had an ER visit with intestines almost swollen shut in over 6 years now since being very careful with my diet. Seldom do I slip up -- but when I do, the bloating and loose, stringy stools start. It rarely turns into diarrhea + vomiting any more. I find if a problem does occur because of accidental ingestion of a minute amount of gluten or dairy, then I go immediately on a liquid diet for a couple of days, followed by white rice, applesauce, broth and green tea for another day. Then, gingerly start back on my "regular" GF + DF diet. This seems to be working for me so far.
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I can't do dairy, lactose free or not. Nothing fried, no raw vegies; If I look at it and it makes me quizie, I don't eat it. My big concern is getting enough protein. I can't do fish, chicken and eggs all the time. I just found a waffle mix (Krusteaz) that has egg white and soy protein in it. When I fix it with a whole egg with 3/4cup mix I get 18g protein in one waffle, and it taste good. So far my guts tollerate it.
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I don't follow any diet at all. The only things that seem to affect me at all are seeds and some raw veggies. And they don't hurt or anything, they just come out the way they go

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I do paleo/scd.

Occasionally I'll treat myself with something on the forbidden list so I never feel like I'm deprived of anything. I pretty much just eat real, unprocessed food. However, I do consume Promax bars. They are easy on my stomach and full of vitamins.
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I dont really follow a particular diet as such at all. I avoid a few things which i have to due to the ileostomy like very high fibre foods and seeds and nuts but thats about it.
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