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Exercise issues

I've been hitting the gym 3x per week. Mainly lifting weights with some light aerobics and stretching too. But I've been having a few nagging issues and wondering if anybody else gets these, and if so what do you do about it?

Issue #1 is acid reflux. I have GERD although it's well controlled for the most part - except for when I exercise. Abdominal exercise in particular seems to make my reflux quite angry. I've found that if I don't eat anything and drink only water for at least an hour before hitting the gym, and if I take a Zantac and at least 4 Tums just before working out, then I can at least deal with the reflux. Anyone else with GERD, do you have issues with abdominal exercises & reflux? What do you do about it?

Issue #2 is my nose will not stop dripping! It's like turning on a faucet. It starts up when I start exercising. It just drips, drips, drips the entire time I'm exercising and seems to stop by the time I've changed out of my gym clothes. Sometimes I'm tempted to just jam kleenex up both nostrils and leave it there! I used to work out before I became ill and I don't remember my nose dripping like this back when I was healthy so I'm assuming it might be IBD-related. Anybody else have this issue - if so, what do you do for it?
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If I had it, I wouldn't eat on the days which ever exercises makes it worst.
Nose dripping... I never had that problem, only at my old job when I worked in a very cold environment, I had it for months. Sounds like a cold.

Keep working out, I stop cold turkey and my sugar level went up.
Its not so bad
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I've had the drippy nose working out as well. From what I could find, it was a way the body was dealing with detox. I guess by working out the muscles, toxins stored in the muscles and even organs was forced out and into the blood. The runny nose was just part of the bodies immune reaction to these toxins. From what I read, this wasn't a bad thing and it did eventually go away for me.
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